25 November, 2020

Dad Killed Pregnant Wife After Doubting Her Of Infidelity, Then Killed Daughter Too | He Slept Next To Bodies For 8 Days

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"Jersey Shore" Stars Mike Sorrentino & Lauren Pesce Are Expecting Their First Baby Together

Grieving Parents Who Dug A Grave To Bury Their Stillborn Daughter Discover A Newborn Abandoned In A Clay Pot

Matthew McConaughey Couldn't Talk To Mom For 8 Years After She Leaked His Private Life To The Media | He felt "Betrayed"

Robin Williams' Death Left His Bereaved Son At His Lowest Point In His Life | "I Found Myself Hitting Rock Bottom"

Police In Wisconsin "Actively Investigating" And Looking For Suspect Who Injured 8 In Milwaukee Mall Shooting

Chris Watts' Dead Wife Shanann's Texts In Her Final Days Show How Lonely She Was | "He Hasn't Touched Me All Week"


21 November, 2020

Sean Connery Had A Dark Side | He Abused His First Wife & Justified Slapping Women For Years

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Grieving Mother Carries Her Son's Ashes With Her Just To Keep Him Close, Years After His Death

Whoopi Goldberg Married 3 Times Only To Feel "Normal" But Realized Much Later That She Only Did It To Keep Society Happy

Bride Furious After Groom Spent Most Of The Wedding Ceremony Sitting With His Mom Leaving Her Alone | “I Barely Saw Him”

Police In Madeleine McCann Case Receive "Interesting Pictures" That Might Help Solve The 13-Year-Old Abduction Case

Colin Firth's Wife Of 22 Years Betrayed Him With Her Alleged Stalker & Lied About It | "Nothing Could Erase That Betrayal"

Wife Kept Her Husband's Lifeless Body In A Freezer At Her House Just Because She Wanted To Keep Him Close To Her


18 November, 2020

Fun Quiz: The Item You Choose May Reveal A Lot About Your Personality And Its Deep Secrets

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Matthew McConaughey's Father Died After He Suffered From A Heart Attack While Making Love To His Mother

Dolly Parton Donated $1 Million To Moderna's Covid-19 Vaccine Research | The Drug Is 94.5% Effective

13-Year-Old Was Forced To Marry Man 30 Years Older Than Her & Take Care Of His Kids Who Are As Old As Her

Jane Fonda's Cheating Ex Coerced Her to Have Threesomes & Exploited Her Broken Self Worth| "..It Was Killing My Heart"

This Cute Doggo, Who Was at SPCA For 866 Days, Finally Found Her Forever Home

Hugh Grant Cheated On Liz Hurley With A Sex Worker | She Was So Heartbroken That It Felt "Like I Had Been Shot"