24 September, 2021

Sexually Assaulted Women Have A Higher Risk Of Developing A Type Of Brain Damage, Says Study

Shruti Menon

Man Punches Nurse Multiple Times Because She Vaccinated His Wife Without 'His Consent' And Then Runs Away

5-Year-Old Girl Thinks Mom Is An Alien After Seeing Picture On Passport

Marilyn Monroe's Husband Sent Roses To Her Grave Until The Day He Died

Woman Dies Of Liver Cancer Just 24 Hours After Her "Dream Wedding" To Partner Of 10 Years

Mother Trafficks Herself To Rescue Daughter Who Was Kidnapped By Sex Traffickers. The Girl Was Sold Off For $3,000

Woman's Gynecologist Of 9 Yrs Turns Out To Be Her Biological Father. He Impregnated Her Mom Without Consent: Lawsuit


22 September, 2021

Girl With Extremely Rare 'Uncombable Hair Syndrome' Rocks Her Unique Look

Shruti Menon

‘Sex and the City’ Actor Willie Garson Dies At 57. His Last Words To The World Were "Be Kind To Each Other"

Melania Trump Slept Through Most Of Election Night And Had To Be Woken Up For Results, Reveals Former Aide

Doctor Who Performed An Abortion Despite State Laws Says He Won't Stop Even If He Gets Sued For $10K

Mother Shares Photos Of Son's Body Rashes To Warn Parents Of The Dangers Kids Face At Parks & Playgrounds

"My Ex-Boyfriend Told Me He’s Been Raping Me In My Sleep After I Took Ambien And It’s Happened Over 30 Times"

A Pippi Longstocking Movie Is In The Works


20 September, 2021

8-Year-Old Girl Gets Dragged 300 Feet Trying To Stop Her Mom From Drunk Driving

Shruti Menon

Breastfeeding Mom Of 4-Day-Old Baby Says She Was Told To Leave & 'Never Come Back' To Restaurant

9-Year-Old Lives To Hold His Newborn Sister Before Dying of Cancer: "He Wouldn’t Let Her Go”

Model Is Planning To Gift Her Boyfriend Of 10 Years Threesome For Christmas

"Granny Pods" Are Here And They Let Your Aging Parents Live Right In Your Backyard, Close And Safe

Widow Wears 20-Year-Old Wedding Dress To Honor Late Husband Who Died On 9/11:" You Never Move On From It"

She Thought Her Irregular Bleeding Was A Sign Of Menopause. It Turned Out To Be A Precancerous Condition