19 November, 2019

Oklahoma Walmart Shooting Stopped By Armed Citizen Who Pulled A Gun On The Shooter And Asked Him To Stop

Ankita Mishra

Sandra Bullock's Bizzare Holiday Tradition With Family: Smuggling Sausages And Limiting The Number Of Presents For Kids

"I Was Miserable, I Was Lonely... I Was Bitter": Adele Thought She Would Never Love Again After Having Her Heart Broken

Father Forces Teenage Daughter To Chop Her Hair Off After Ex-Wife Gets Her Highlights For Her Birthday

Helen Mirren's Key To 22-YO Happy Marriage Is "The Lack Of Romance" | Her Story Shows Romance Isn't Equal To Happy Marriage

The One Who Truly Loves You Wouldn't Be Bothered By Your Imperfections Or Your Overthinking Mind

Kelly Clarkson Worked So Hard For Her Father's Love But Was Left Humiliated And Broken By His Rejections


16 November, 2019

6 Things An Alpha Woman Does In A Relationship When She Is Truly In Love

Varsha B

Snooty MIL Invites 80 Extra Guests Without Asking | Bride Cancels The Entire Wedding And Ties The Knot In A Park

Man Who Thought He'll Never See His Family Again Collapses To The Floor After Seeing Them For The First Time In Years

California School Shooting: Armed Teen Opens Fire On Fellow Students On His Birthday, Killing Two And Injuring Three

Cop Running A Marathon To Propose To His Girlfriend At Finish Line Stops Abruptly For Another Woman

Lauren and Josiah Duggar Welcome Their "Beautiful Miracle" Baby After Enduring The Emotional Pain Of Miscarriage

Brittany Murphy's Husband, Who Desperately Wanted "One More Day" With Her, Died Exactly The Same Way She Did, 5 Months Later


15 November, 2019

Constantly Humiliated For Her Weight, Woman Gets Ditched By Friends After Stunning Transformation From 266lbs to 140lbs

Binitha Jacob

Robin Williams "Was Sobbing In My Arms At The End Of Every Day. It Was Horrible," Says Make-up Artist Cheri Minns

Hospital Honors Mister Rogers By Dressing Newborns In Red Cardigans & Black Ties, On World Kindness Day

After 55 Years On Air, 'Days of Our Lives' Might Come To An End As The Entire Cast Is Released From Their Contracts

Grieving Mom Decorates Son's Grave to Honor His Love For Halloween, Cemetry Committee Calls Her "Insensitive" & Trashes It

Mom Instinctively Identifies Stranger Who Received Her Late Son's Heart, Hugs Him to Feel Her Son's Heartbeat One More Time

The Much-Awaited "Friends" Reunion Might FINALLY Happen, 25 Years After The Show's Debut In 1994