11 August, 2020

Dangerous Tornado Hits Chicago Confirms NWS, Causing Extensive Damage & Leaving Thousands Without Electricity

Varsha B

Robert Redford Never Thanked His Mother For Her Sacrifice & Regreted It After She Died | "I Took [Her] For Granted"

Man Grabbed A Child's Hand, Came So Close That Spit Landed On Child's Face & Said "You Now Have Coronavirus"

Channing Tatum's Ex-Wife, Jenna Dewan Was In "A Dark Closet, Desperately Trying To Find The Light" After Their Divorce

5 Bright, Colorful Flowering Plants That You Can Grow Indoors To Bring Some Cheer During This Isolation

Christopher Reeve's Selfless Wife Dana, Who Was By Him Till The End, Said Her Husband's Death Was "Unfair" & "Far Too Soon"

Gwen Stefani Says Ex-Husband's Affair With Their Nanny "Was The Beginning Of Hell" For Her & It Shattered Her Dreams


7 August, 2020

Mother Grieving Over Unborn's Death Distraught After In-Laws & Husband Blame Her For Choosing Her Life Over The Baby

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Beirut Explosion Causes Massive Damage To Hospitals As Well, Leaving Patients Struggling | "There's Nothing Left"

Kelly Preston Believed In Loving Her Kids To The Fullest All The Time |"Love Your Kids Like It Could Be The Last Moment"

Selfless Dad of 4 Loses Own Life After Trying To Save Motorist Stranded After Accident | He "Gave Up His Life"

Pierce Brosnan's Cancer-Stricken First Wife "Comforted" Him Even When She Was Struggling To Stay Alive

Tom Hanks Rushed Into Marriage To Heal From His Childhood Scars | "I Was Looking For Something I Had Not Found As A Kid"

5-Year-Old Is Bullied & Called A "Monster" After He Loses Half His Face In A Horrific Attack By Dogs


4 August, 2020

Harrison Ford's Wife of 10 Years, Calista Was Dedicatedly By His Bedside Day & Night After He Had A Near-Fatal Crash

Varsha B

Cops Drag Away Grieving Dad From Daughter's BEDSIDE Right After He Was Told That Her Life Support Will Be Turned Off

Sylvester Stallone Accepted His Girlfriend & Her Baby Without A DNA Test|But His Blind Trust Left Him Heartbroken & Shocked

Parents Abandon Sons Aged 3 & 4, Naked & Barefoot At Homeless Camp As They "Got Tired Of Looking After The Boys"

Elderly Couple End Their Lives Together After Husband Diagnosed With Cancer | They Didn't Want To Live Without Each Other

Amy Roloff Felt Betrayed By Her Cheating Husband But Kept Quiet For Years Because Divorce Was Never Her Option

Cruel Grandmother Tied Up Her 6YO Grandson In A Shed For Weeks & Refused Him Access To The Toilet