14-Year-Old London Boy Falls Off 7th Floor Balcony While Stargazing | "We Are In Despair"

14-Year-Old London Boy Falls Off 7th Floor Balcony While Stargazing | "We Are In Despair"

The boy Marcel Bruchal was well-loved by all his family members. His mother, Karolina Bruchal, described him as "beloved, beautiful and smart."

Aspiring young astronomer Marcel Bruchal from Newham, London, plummeted to his death on March 19, 2022, at 9:15 p.m. He accidentally fell from his grandparent's 7th-floor flat's block balcony while star-gazing.

Ten minutes later an ambulance arrived to find him in cardiac arrest - but by the time he reached Royal London Hospital he had died. According to his family members, his interest in star-gazing must have pushed him to look further up which must have caused him to fall off the edge. A coroner recently confirmed the same, The Sun reports. Marcel was a “well-liked” and “respected” student at Oasis Academy Silvertown, in North Woolwich, who had a love for astronomy. 



He was going out with his grandmother that day when she noticed that he was behaving a little differently. Marcel was “joined at my hip” and, “thought it was weird at the time.” But Marcel's mother Karolina told her it was normal and he was “clingy.” However, they were having a lot of fun dancing and eating around. Wozniak recalled to The Daily Mail, “While we were dancing salsa Marcel left to go to the toilet for a while. A family member followed him out and he saw Marcel standing by the balcony and looking down. He described Marcel looking at it in a weird way.”



The family member said Marcel had gone out to the balcony “three to four times” and would often “go on his tiptoes using his hands to grab himself up to get a better view and put his head over to look at the ground.” But, the final time they saw Marcel do this, they told him to come inside. After this, the family member went to the balcony again to check. This time, Wozniak heard, “Marcel no Marcel no Marcel why?” She then said, “He was next to me shouting and crying but I could not make sense of what he was saying.

'He grabbed my hand and took me to the balcony. I looked out over the balcony, I did not know what he wanted me to look at. I was told ‘Marcel is laying there.’” She added, “Then I recognized Marcel's top, we ran out of the block and we saw him laying there. He was not on the pavement, he was laying far from the building. My husband moved him around a bit, but I was shouting hysterically, I was shaking. I told my husband not to touch him, because I wanted to cover him up with the patchwork but at that point the ambulance turned up.”



The ambulance had arrived at the scene at 9:35 p.m, the boy was severely injured and was going into cardiac arrest at that moment. He died later at Royal London Hospital. In grief and trying to make sense of the situation, the grandmother didn’t know at all why Marcel would do such a thing. 

A few months ago a few bullies were going around “making smacking noises at him and saying “are you gay?’” However, the family is convinced that this is not the reason for Marcel’s death. As the police and coroner confirmed there seemed to be no foul play. Furthermore, a toxicologist ruled there was nothing abnormal in Marcel's blood test and a pathologist ruled his death ‘1A Multiple Injuries’ after “devastating” damage to his body from the fall. 

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Leading tributes after his death, Marcel's mum Karolina Bruchal said: “In our lifetime, we never thought we would be in this situation. My worst nightmares never thought I would ever write these words. And I write because we are so lethargic and helpless, because we would like to wake up so much. There are no more tears. Our beloved, beautiful, smart, intelligent and sensitive Marcelek.”

A letter, left by his grandparents at the scene, read: “Dearest Marcel, it is hard to put in words how empty our lives have become one day to another. You will stay in our hearts forever, you will always be our beloved first grandson. We love you more than life itself, as hard as it is only possible. We are in despair and feel an overwhelming emptiness without you. Grandma and Grandpa.”




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