15 Extremely Unattractive Traits That Can Be Total Deal Breakers!

15 Extremely Unattractive Traits That Can Be Total Deal Breakers!

There are some personality traits that can be extremely unpleasant and may lead to breakups.

While in a relationship we do tend to ignore a few idiosyncrasies of our partners but there are some traits that really get on people's nerves. Quite often they become so unpleasant that people end up breaking up. And sometimes, these traits become visible even before a relationship has begun and are considered great deal-breakers. Here are 15 of these traits that people consider definite deal-breakers and they wrote about it on Reddit:

1) Ket_om wrote:

"Littering. You'd be surprised how many people don't give a f*** and throw s*** out their car window. It's disgusting."

2) WanderersEndgame wrote:

"The telepathy tax. Partners who hold it against their SO when they fail to anticipate and fulfill their unspoken needs and desires."

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3) One user wrote:

"shouting at their partners in public."

4) pdxblazer wrote:

"Anyone who takes any advice, disagreement, constructive criticism as a personal attack."

5) nottheotherone4 wrote:

"Self absorbed behavior... the Kardashian/Housewives of ??? Syndrome. You are NOT the star of some reality show, stop acting like it."

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6) flipflopgazer wrote:

"Being oblivious to different economic circumstances."

7) Wildchickenfart wrote:

Pushing you to do something you don't want to because " everyone does it and it's fun"

8) existanthominid wrote:

"When they think that their taste in music makes them a superior person instead of just having different tastes. Applies to both genders"

9) Ffphoebeigh wrote:

"Men bragging about being violent. Bar fights ain't sexy honey."

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10) Cybergor wrote:

"Inflated egos. Entitlement. Incapability of being humble and make fun of yourself."

11) level 1tptch wrote:

"Just general "toxic"/jealous behaviour."

"No, I do not want to sleep with the Barista because they asked my name for my order. Yes, I was told to treat as I wanted to be treated as a child so I Will be polite and smile to others from Time to Time, this does not mean I want to shag every human being i interact with."

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12) Tiny_Rage wrote:

"The “Alpha” mentality."

13) Another user wrote:

"Toxic positivity, I need to be able to feel bad for a moment when I am dealing with something crappy. It helps me get through it. I dislike people pleasers too, be kind but don’t be a doormat."

14) tlcb84 wrote:

"Spitting. Just grosses me out."

15) ID9ITAL wrote:

"Acting the martyr"

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Well, what do you think? Are these traits a deal-breaker for you or would you be willing to let them slide?