15+ Iconic Fashion Statements By Princess Diana That Reveal How She Was Way Ahead Of Her Times & A Royal Rebel

15+ Iconic Fashion Statements By Princess Diana That Reveal How She Was Way Ahead Of Her Times & A Royal Rebel

Princess Diana was a true fashion icon. She looked dashing in every piece she donned.

Princess Diana was loved by people around the world. Not only was she admired for being a kind and humble princess, but she is known for breaking royal traditions and paving a path of her own. She spoke her mind and stood out despite her humility. Her attitude and bold spirit spoke through her fashion sense, which made headlines. From sparkling gowns to loose jumpers, Diana carried every outfit class and elegance. Here are a few iconic fashion choices made by Diana: 

1. Diana's wedding gown, designed by Elizabeth Emanuel, added the last bit of magic to their fairy tale wedding. 



2. This outfit, nicknamed the revenge dress, was worn by the Princess the day after Charles revealed his infidelity.



3. This royal knew how to rock the casual chic with a blazer, baseball cap, and boots. 



4. Princess Diana wore this bright, vibrant red gown during her visit to the UAE in 1989.



5. This look shows how she can balance being coy with owning a quiet resistance to royal norms. 



6. Diana wowed us in this gorgeous blue gown at the Cannes Film Festival, France, in 1987.





7. Princess Diana danced with actor John Travolta in a stunning Victor Edelstein gown during an event at the White House in 1985.



8. Lady Di knew how to vacation in style. This was taken during a trip with her sons in Barbuda.





9. After she wore the "Elvis dress," her fame skyrocketed as the irreplaceable fashion goddess.



10. The most photographed woman looked relaxed and radiant in this gorgeous blue kaftan.




11. While she looks every bit the perfect princess in this pale pink off-shoulder gown....





12. She is also the only princess to set a fashion frenzy by just walking out of the gym in a cool workout outfit.





13. Diana sported denim on denim way before it became a trend.




14. The English Rose looks every bit regal in this gorgeous halter maxi dress.





15. The Princess wore a Jackie Kennedy inspired pink Versace skirt in 1995 during her visit to Howe Barracks in Canterbury, Kent.


16. As she grew into her independence post-divorce, her looks became bolder and more daring.





17. Something about this look in white—carefree, wild, joyous—reveals her true spirit.




18. Young Diana before her engagement hinting she was a fashionista even before she entered the spotlight.