2YO Died After Being Trapped In Borehole For 13 Days Leaving Parents Devastated At Losing 2nd Child In 2 Years

2YO Died After Being Trapped In Borehole For 13 Days Leaving Parents Devastated At Losing 2nd Child In 2 Years

The rescue team worked hard for 13 days but their efforts were in vain.

The pain of losing a child is inexplicable. There are no words that can console a parent mourning the loss of their child. Much like what two-year-old Julen Rosello 's parents went through. He was his parents' only sunshine and they did not imagine they would have to live without him.

According to People, Julen was out with his parents for a picnic in Totalan, Spain on 13 January 2019 when the unfortunate event occurred. The curious little child wandered away from his parents and fell into an open borehole. His parents heard the little boy cry as he slipped into the dark narrow hole.

Rescue forces arrived and began their efforts to rescue the boy. The highly skilled team faced many challenges as they tried to get the boy safe to her parents. With the narrow width of the hole, they found it impossible to rescue the child manually. They tried using a robot fitted with a camera but it could only reach a depth of 229 feet.


Things became worse when the team realized that there was an obstruction at 70 meters that prevented them from providing food and water to the little boy. Yet, the couple, along with the team did not lose hope.

However, things became complicated when the rescue team, who were drilling their way to the child encountered hard granite. The situation delayed the operation by several hours and medical experts already began predicting the death of the child. They said the boy was trapped in a cold environment that could cause hypothermia in him.

Moreover, he was nearly 30 stories down without food and water. But none of these predictions disheartened the team. They fought through the unfavorable situations, believing the boy was still alive.


The news gained a lot of attention and many across the world offered to help in the rescue operation. However, it was all in vain. After 13 days of praying and working, day and night, they could not save the boy. On 26 January 2019,  at 1.25 am, the team made their way to the lifeless body of Julen. The sight of his body broke the hearts of his parents and the people who worked for days to see him alive.

"Unfortunately at 1:25 a.m. the rescue team reached the spot where they were looking for Julen and found the lifeless body of the little one. My condolences to the family," said Alfonso Rodriguez Gomez de Celis, central government’s representative in the southwestern region of Andalusia through Twitter.  

"All of Spain feels the infinite sadness of Julen’s family. We have followed closely every step to reach him. We will always appreciate the tireless efforts of those who searched for him for all these days," wrote  Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Twitter.


Julen's parents did not know how to cope up with the pain. In 2017, the couple had lost Julen's older brother Oliver due to a congenital heart defect. After Julen's death, the couple was left with no children. During the search for Julen, his heartbroken grandmother Reme Garcia said that she hoped Oliver would watch his brother.


“Today all I ask is that your brother comes out now. He needs you. Oliver, don’t forget your brother, Julen. You know we’ve been waiting for him for many hours," wrote Garcia, in an emotional post, according to Express UK.

"I know you protect him a lot, my little King," she added. However, the family was forced to go through yet another emotional phase. All they could do was to give him a proper burial and funeral. 

Meanwhile, it is not clear if the borehole had signs that alerted the family about the danger and prevented them from this impending experience.