3 Louisiana Siblings Killed in a Wrong-Way Crash by a Dallas Driver

3 Louisiana Siblings Killed in a Wrong-Way Crash by a Dallas Driver

Siblings were heading home after a Friday night basketball game when a wrong-way driver crashed into their car.

Three siblings returning from a Friday night basketball game were killed when a wrong-way driver struck their vehicle on the I-49. Their sister, Katie DeRouen, started a GoFundMe campaign for mutual aid for the grieving family. She writes, "I don't know how we will ever move on or recover from this," expressing the tragedy that has crept on the Simmons family. According to the authorities, the wrong-way driver along with three Simmons siblings was also killed in this crash. The family is in great shock which came during the Christmas holidays, "Their Christmas gifts are still wrapped under the tree waiting for them," DeRouen writes.



The passengers in the Simmons vehicle included Christopher, 16, Kamryn, 14, their mom, Dawn Simmons, and Christopher's 16-year-old girlfriend, Marissa. They were returning home after Christopher's basketball match with the Acadiana Christian School team, adds their sister. 

Lindy Simmons, 20, was driving the 2017 Cadillac XT5 SUV which was involved in the accident. Lindy, who was wearing her seatbelt, and Lundy were declared dead at the spot. Kamryn and Christopher died in hospitals as a result of their injuries and the two other people in the Simmons car were hospitalized in serious condition, reports People.



Katie says, "I flew to the hospital, crying along the way, thinking my mom was hurt but absolutely not thinking anything worse." Their family learned from Facebook that the incident had two fatalities even before they arrived at the hospital. "I was in complete denial and knew both fatalities had to be in the other car," she adds. They were hopeful that they will not suffer such a loss, especially during the Christmas festivities. 

She explained what was going on in her mind while she was reaching the hospital. "As we learned the other car involved only had one occupant, my mind still convinced me that someone is getting their information twisted and it could not be true." Her mother had a lacerated carotid artery, while Christopher's girlfriend had a fractured femur and abdominal bruises, according to the family. They saw a glimpse of hope by seeing the stable conditions of these two passengers and started locating their three siblings.



However, they learned that the driver of the car, Lundy, did not survive this accident. After a little struggle, they were able to locate Christopher and Kamryn at the other two hospitals but were shocked to hear that they had also succumbed to their injuries. By expressing her deep sorrow, Katie says, "My dad lost his three youngest children and is with my mom in ICU. My mom is in ICU without a clue as to what happened. The absolute hardest part of this entire experience, next to losing my siblings, is knowing that my mom will be informed of this whenever she awakens."

DeRouen claimed that John Lundy, a 54-year-old from Dallas was intoxicated when he crashed into their car but Trooper Thomas Gossen, the public information officer for Louisiana State Troop I, said officials are still awaiting toxicology tests of both the drivers, per Today.

Stating the grave nature of the incident, Louisiana State Police released a statement saying, "In one night the lives of several families have changed forever due to preventable circumstances. Over and over again, troopers see the tragic consequences of preventable motor vehicle crashes."

"The Louisiana State Police urges motorists to have a plan in place that includes always wearing your seat belt, never driving distracted or tired, and having a designated driver or an alternate ride home when consuming alcohol. Please choose to not drive impaired or ride with an impaired driver."





Cover Image Source: GoFundMe | Help my grieving family after absolute tragedy