5 Undeniable Reasons To Walk Out Of A Toxic Marriage Right Now

5 Undeniable Reasons To Walk Out Of A Toxic Marriage Right Now

You do not need toxicity in your life. Always know that.

Marriage is supposed to be a partnership, not a war. Couples should be together in a marriage because they support each other and complement each other and not because they see no other option. There's enough negativity out there in the world and one can do without it in a relationship, and that too as intimate as marriage. It is essential, therefore, that you identify the toxicity for what it is and be ready to move out of it before it consumes you completely and makes you resent your choices later in life. So, here are the 5 undeniable reasons why you should leave now -

1) It will drain you of all hope and zest for life

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Spending so much time, effort, and energy staying in a toxic marriage means that you will feel completely consumed by the end of the day. You would be exhausted and start living one day at a time, just going through the motion and hoping it doesn't get worse. The spark you have may be consumed by the incessant negativity around you and all the hopes and dreams of the life you imagined may get extinguished. Nothing is worth losing your hope or the dream of a better future. And a toxic relationship is definitely not worth this sacrifice.

2) Your kids may internalize this in their attitudes

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A toxic relationship doesn't stay hidden. The negative vibes and the tense energy lingers in the atmosphere, even when no words are spoken. Kids are highly receptive to such vibes and they also learn to emulate what they see at home. If the toxicity continues and becomes visible in any form of abuse, then that too gets embedded in the child's mind. Spending a lot of time in this environment will make your kids normalize toxicity as a part of life. They would add it to their own actions and think nothing of it. In effect, staying may impact the growth of your next generation as well.

3) Your self-worth will be lost

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Respect is based on self-worth. If you don't respect yourself, how would someone else? Being in a toxic relationship implies that your self-worth gets chipped at, bit by bit, every single day. It erodes with time and whatever sense of self-esteem you had dissipates in front of your eyes. Is losing your self-worth justifiable in any sense? Would a person with no self-esteem be able to sustain any kind of relationship? Well, no! It is, therefore, necessary that you ditch toxicity and renew your life by moving away from it.

4) You will forget what love means

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Here's the thing. Love matters and is essential to prosper. Keep yourself in a toxic relationship and you'll forget what it feels like. You'll forget the warmth and generosity of love and it will leave a bitter taste in your mouth for as long as you live. If you believe that it is love that is holding you back in a toxic relationship, then we assure you, it's not. Love liberates and if what you have feels more like a compulsion than freedom then it is not love.

5) What would you gain by staying?

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Here's a question: who does the toxic relationship benefit? It benefits no one. It is a life of strained conversations and prolonged abuse. No one prospers, no one grows, people barely survive in this kind of a relationship.

So, if there's nothing to be gained, and there's hardly anything left to lose, isn't it better to just leave? Isn't it better to cut off the cord that brought you so much pain? Isn't it better to move away, live, and breathe freely, once again? Well, if you feel so, then you know it to be true.