5-Year-Old Girl Thinks Mom Is An Alien After Seeing Picture On Passport

5-Year-Old Girl Thinks Mom Is An Alien After Seeing Picture On Passport

The Texas mother joked that she should have never let her daughter watch "Men in Black".

A sweet 5-year-old girl broke down in tears because she thought her mom was an alien, reports KTRK. Nala-Joye saw a picture of the earth as seen in space on her mother’s passport and was shocked. This somehow led her to the conclusion that her mother is from out of space. Texas mom Shaakira Brandon posted a video of the young girl accusing her mom of being an alien on Twitter which has since gone viral. The mom joked that she should have never let her daughter watch Men in Black. Fans may recall that the movie franchise began with the 1997 movie starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones who were working for a secret organization that protects Earth from extraterrestrial threats. The original film was followed up with two sequels. There was also a spinoff in 2019 starring Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, reports Insider. In the film, aliens are able to visit Earth by carrying paperwork similar to passports. The MIB organization polices the travel of aliens by asking them to carry paperwork. So poor Nala-Joye probably believed that her mom was an extra-terrestrial who happened to be visiting the planet. Or perhaps she wondered if the Men in Black would be involved. Either way, the sweet little girl seemed incredibly worried and upset.  


In the video, the little girl can be seen crying uncontrollably after she found her mother’s passport.  When the mom starts filming the 5-year-old points at a photo of Earth in her mother’s passport sobbing away. “What do you think that means?” Brandon asks her daughter. “That you’re an alien,” the girl cries uncontrollably. “You think that means I’m an alien?” Brandon questions. Nala-Joye continues to cry. Then her mom tries to explain to her that the passport merely depicted the places she has traveled to on Earth. But little Nala-Joye is not impressed with the explanation and continues to cry.  “You scared of Mommy now?” Brandon asked. “Come here.” The 5-year-old is not able to fight back the tears and goes off-camera.



Twitter was quick to react to Nala-Joye's innocence. One person wrote: Supposed to be getting ready for work and I’m scrolling HOLLERING at this poor girl in shambles! Another person shared: If I thought my parents were aliens, I'd be like "awesome!" A third person joked: Children are so unreasonable. I love it. One Internet user commented: Awwww! She needs cookies and milk! And lots of cuddles!! It's always so funny how kids process certain things, and figure them out with the knowledge they so far have taken in. It's so cute!! Another person pointed out: Wait till she finds out that USA calls green card holders “Resident Aliens”. The hilarious video amassed so many views that it ended up finding its way to a person actually involved in the movie! The screenwriter for the first Men In Black film, Ed Solomon, saw the video and responded in an attempt to apologize for the confusion he created.  “My bad,” Solomon tweeted. “I’m sorry.”