6 Heartbreaking Signs Your Partner Doesn't Feel The Same Way For You As They Did Before

6 Heartbreaking Signs Your Partner Doesn't Feel The Same Way For You As They Did Before

Like two ships passing in the night, you both seem to drift further and further apart. And it's like they don't want to even try to bridge the gap.

Long walks, date nights, silly moments and inside jokes — being with your partner was exciting. They would cuddle with you and talk about their day. They would tell you about the wackiest things, share their brightest dreams and deepest fears. They would listen to your opinions and thoughts, respect your intelligence and take your ideas into consideration. They used to help you out with the chores, especially after kids came. They would be there for you and love you. There was a sense of peace in just coming home to them.

But those were the old days. It hasn't been that way for a while. There seems to be this ever-widening gap between you two. You don't even know when this change began. It's like they're just not interested in you anymore and it's these six signs that tipped you off:

1. They don't ask about your life or care to know about your day

Previously, you both would dedicate some time to just talk about your day and be invested in each other's lives. But now, they just don't ask. Even if you tell them about it without being prompted, there isn't much interest they show you. They just let you talk but don't actually ask about the details of your life. And it hurts.

2. They are not too keen to make plans with you

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Unlike before, they just don't seem to be too excited to make plans with you. Where you both used to go out to a nice restaurant every few weekends or take a trip to a romantic place, it just doesn't happen anymore. Now, even if there are plans made, they all involve the kids and we're never just the two of us. Between you, the only activity seems to be the chores.

3. They don't seem to realize that you've been feeling low or distant

Previously, they would be so attuned to your emotions, would know just how to cheer you up and talk to you about it. But now, it's almost as if you are just acquaintances who know only the barest minimum about each other. They've detached from you and they don't even see how it's breaking you.

4. They don't reveal their deeper thoughts

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Conversations used to be so lively and deep. You would talk about your fears, your dreams, the way you felt, and even just about the most random things. You could spend hours and not run out of things to talk about. Even your silences were comfortable. But now, it's like the conversation has become stilted. Now you just talk about mundane things, and that too only when required. You talk about bills, the kids, our schedules... nothing more, nothing less.

5. They either don't want to be intimate with you or that's all that's left

You used to enjoy those touches that would set you on fire. But you also used to enjoy those moments that their hug made you feel safe and comforted. Now though, it's like they've completely emotionally stepped away from you. Either they might choose to abandon the intimacy or want it but without the emotional connection that brought you two together in the first place.

6. They don't make the effort to get to know your views

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They used to want to know what you thought about everything. It made for some very hearty conversations and special moments. But now, they don't bother trying to initiate a talk by getting to know what you think about something. You're usually doing all the talking and if they disagree with you, they abruptly end the discussion there. However, it seems worse when they just agree with you which is just as effective as cutting the conversation short. 

It heartbreaking to watch the partner you love, who loved you back intensely, become more and more distant with you. To know that they just aren't interested in you anymore can leave you feeling breathless and like a stranger in your own home with them. You're lonely and you deserve better.

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