8YO Blogger Marries 13YO And Moves In With Him | The Father Of The Girl Is Still In Shock

8YO Blogger Marries 13YO And Moves In With Him | The Father Of The Girl Is Still In Shock

Milana "Mila" Maxanets has has more than 590,000 followers on Instagram.

In this era where a person is judged based on their social media presence, likes and followers have an inconceivable place in the lives of many. Unfortunately, these factors are so imperative that some use cheap and questionable tactics to attain followers and fame on social media. One such bizarre strategy was used by the mother of a famous 8-year-old social media influencer and blogger.


According to News.com.au, the mother from Ukraine staged the wedding of her little daughter,  Milana "Mila" Maxanets with a 13-year-old blogger and influencer named Pavel "Pasha" Pai. As per the local media reports, the couple lives together in Kiev after the highly criticized "wedding" that was approved by their parents. 


Additionally, the minor couple's provocative pictures on their social media accounts sparked massive outrage. Users demanded their accounts to be blocked after one picture showed the duo with their hands tied together in chains. The young girl's father also came forward to raise his concerns about the couple. He revealed that he was shocked by the union and also questioned the mother, Daria Maxanets for encouraging it. 

"I am really shocked at what’s going on. This is all, to put it mildly, very wrong," said the man, who is no longer with his daughter's mother. according to 7News. The concerned father further went on to accuse his ex-wife of using their daughter to make money. He also stated that he was trying to get in touch with his daughter to help her. 

Meanwhile, the mother of the young girl defended her daughter and said she was going for a "sleepover." She added, "It was a family visit. We are all friends."  


The parents of both of the children also dismissed they were trying to profit from their children's social media followers. However, their claims stand unbelievable as Mila has more than 590,000 followers on Instagram and Pavel has more than 90,000 followers. 

It has also been alleged that the children posted couple-like pictures without the approval of adults. Meanwhile, the children’s ombudsman alerted the public prosecutor’s office, the cyber police, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs about the incident. Consequently, an investigation was opened. 


The child's mother was questioned by the police about the pictures. Additionally, prosecutors are looking into the alleged distribution of pornography.

"The girl has millions of subscribers on various social networks who constantly follow her as an idol. So there is a risk that they will begin to imitate their idol and become easy prey for pedophiles. This absolutely goes against the normal sexual development of children," said Lawyer and Criminologist Anna Malyar.