80YO Grandma Turns Gymnast After Watching Grandkid, Wins Silver, And Proves Age Is Just A Number

80YO Grandma Turns Gymnast After Watching Grandkid, Wins Silver, And Proves Age Is Just A Number

She turned to gymnastics at the age of 76 and has been at it for four years successfully, and has been happier more than ever.

When we think of grandmas, we think of the smell of warm cookies and pot roasts, but this 80-year-old woman is giving some major competition to twenty-somethings. Marjorie Scholes started gymnastics when she was 76 and won silver in the 2019 Adult Gymnastics British Championships (over 45s category) this month. Surprising, isn't it? This woman has become an inspiration for those who use age as a reason for not picking up new interests. 

"I became interested in adult artistic gymnastics about four years ago, having watched my granddaughter compete for Carterton Gymnastics Club," Marjorie tells Metro.co.uk. "Then my daughter joined the adult section at the gymnastics club (having done it herself at junior school). I just thought – you know I wouldn’t mind trying it myself. I was invited by the club’s head coach Debbie to come and try it. I was hooked," she added. 


Retired individuals find it hard to find a routine that gets them through each day and gymnastics provided her something to look forward to. "I love it because it gets me out," she explains. "I meet new people and it exercises parts of my anatomy I have never used before. It certainly helps with flexibility and gives me a sense of achievement trying something I have never done before. It boosts my confidence and gives me a feeling of well-being," she added. 

She acknowledges that her body wouldn't let her do everything. "It’s been hard at times, as the 80-year-old body won’t let me do what I would like to do, but I enjoy what is possible," she told Homecare UK.


The grandma has some great advice for the people looking to try something new as well. "I would say don’t be afraid. Have a positive attitude. Take the bull by the horns and try it. If you believe you can do it then you will. You never know, you may be a budding gymnast waiting to burst forth! It is the best thing I have done for a long time," she said.

She thinks it's too "easy to do nothing" but elder individuals need to have a healthy lifestyle. "You get great benefits from being active. It may be hard at the start, but once you have made that effort you will be surprised how much better you feel. It will boost your morale, give you more confidence, you will become more mobile and you will have an aim in life. You will feel much better physically and mentally," she said.


Anyone who has been hesitating to pick up anything new has a lot to learn from her. Your age and size don't matter if you put your mind to it.