93YO Man Who Has Lunch Dates With Late Wife's Photo & Visits Grave At Least 4 Times Every Day Is Proof Romance Still Exists

93YO Man Who Has Lunch Dates With Late Wife's Photo & Visits Grave At Least 4 Times Every Day Is Proof Romance Still Exists

Clarence Purvis and his wife went to the diner for 13 years every single day till she passed away.

Love is a special feeling and irrespective of how many years pass by, the bond you shared with the person you loved remains the same. One man from Georgia cherishes the romance and love he shared with his wife even after she passed away. He even continues a tradition despite her absence. 

According to People, 93-year-old widower Clarence Purvis set lunch dates with his late wife, Carolyn Todd at their favorite restaurant with her photograph after she passed away in 2013.

The couple met each other in 1948. At the time, Carolyn was a 16-year-old girl from Glennville High School and Purvis was a 24-year-old man. They bonded immediately and that was the beginning of their love story. Their love story resulted in a 63-year long marriage until Carolyn's death.


However, the man who is still deeply in love with his wife was determined to keep her memory alive in his life. He does not shy away from expressing the affection he has for her.

He treasures his wife in the form of a photograph and takes it around with him, irrespective of the place. So, when he goes for lunch at his favorite restaurant, Smith’s Diner, he keeps her picture on the table while he eats lunch. The couple visited the diner continuously for 13 years.

“She was always with me when we were livin. She’s with me now," said Purvis. Looking back at their life, the man stated, "Eat lunch, come back, watch television, go to bed, love one another. What more you want? We had everything we wanted," according to WTOC.


Apart from carrying her photograph around, Purvis regularly visits his wife at the cemetery. Not just once a week or once a day but four times a day. When asked why, his answer is very simple. “Ain’t nobody loved one another more than me and my wife loved one another. I wanted what she wanted and she wanted what I wanted," said the man in love, according to WTOC. Though he keeps busy doing work, he makes it a point to visit her 4 times at the Glenville Cemetery.

“I imagine I come 125 times a month. I love her that much. And miss her that much. And think she would with me," said Purvis, according to People. 

His devotion to his wife is eternal and many around him are surprised by his dedication despite her passing. One among them is Joyce James, the owner of Smith’s Diner. She was so fascinated by his gesture that she decided to ask her husband if he would do that when she was gone. “I asked my husband, I said, ‘You know if something happened to me, will you put my picture on the table?’ He said, ‘I don’t think so dear.’ He said, ‘I love you but, that might be a little much,’ ” told James, according to WTOC.  Talking about the widower, James stated, "He's a part of this restaurant. He is a part."

On the other hand, there are others who feel that the man is too invested and needs to find other ways to deal with his grief. Some have even suggested getting a girlfriend. “They said if I get me a girlfriend things will be better,” he said. “I could ask her, could I get me a girlfriend? You know what she’d say? If you want too. That’s how we operated," said Purvis, according to People. 

At home, Purvis is surrounded by things that remind him of his lovely wife. According to this video by CBS, he has a collection of photographs and mementos that belonged to her including a lamp that has not been switched off since she came home from the hospital just five months before passing away. The loving husband has kept a photograph beneath the lamp. "This here, that lamp ain't never turned off, not since she came out of the hospital," said the loving husband.