8 Reasons Why Aunts Are The Best People Your Kids Can Hang Out With

8 Reasons Why Aunts Are The Best People Your Kids Can Hang Out With

Sometimes kids need a different outlet to let go of their frustration just like parents. The company of a super aunt is exactly what your kid needs.

Aunts are not just supervising adults. They are an amazing combination of motherly love and friendship. This is so true that even science thinks that your kids should hang out more with their aunts. Heres why psychology thinks that your kids should spend more time with their super aunts.

1. They make great role models

We live in an era where children look up to rockstars and actors as role models. However, how great is it if kids look up to their aunts who are available for them! Aunts inspire them and also teach them the necessary values they need to thrive in the world as good humans.

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2. They are problem solvers

It is very common for children and parents to have disagreements and arguments. At times like this, communication with your child can be impossible. However, if you have your kid's favorite aunt around, she will help you resolve the conflict by talking to your furious kid. An aunt is a mediator who will help both the parent and the child understand the difference in perspectives.

3. They are good listeners and advisors

Children, especially teenagers find it difficult to communicate their problems and confusion with their parents. The fear of being scolded or judged can change them into people who shut down from sharing their thoughts with an adult. Aunts come to the rescue in such a situation. Being good listeners, children will find it easy to communicate with them. They become a friendly adult that makes children comfortable around them. Moreover, aunts wouldn't do or allow anything that will be harmful to the child. 

In times of need, aunts also take the role of great advisors. They listen to the problems that worry the kid and give them advice that can change their outlook and influence them in future decision making.

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4. They are kind, affectionate and loving

Parents can lose it and shout when they see something that is unacceptable. However, unlike parents, aunts are calmer. Though they don't shout at the top of their voice, they make sure that the kid understands his mistake. They also make it a point to listen to the child's argument and then correct it accordingly. They inspire them to respond positively to bad situations and help them develop a good attitude. Their loving and affectionate nature creates a unique bond that is unbreakable. 

5. They are fun

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Sometimes parents are stuck at work and have no time for fun. In situations like this, aunts are a savior. A sudden trip to the beach or an amusement park with aunts are a great way to teach kids to be responsible and independent. Though they are in the absence of parents, aunts will ensure the safety of the child but will also make the trip so much fun. 

Moreover, aunts spoil kids with surprises and presents, such that your kid will never want to say no to them.

6. They can help parents 

Parents need a break from the screams and cries in the house. Aunts make sure that parents get the free time they deserve. They allow parents to take their personal space and they make use of that time to bond with their niece or nephew.

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7. They take charge 

In the absence of parents, aunts take charge of the house. However, they are more gentle and will calmly discipline the kids. They also have a lot of patience than parents who are often tired of the daily scolding and chaos at home. 

8. They are good teachers

Aunts are tough and loving teachers. While children do not respond well to corrections by parents, kids tend to relate to their friendly aunt better. The friendliness from an aunt makes it easier for them to correct and discipline themselves in times of wrongdoing. Not only do they give life advice but they also make sure that their nephews and nieces have fun. They teach them all kinds of fun games and will never forget to crack some great jokes.


Aunts take the role of another mother and a friend. They are easily accessible to a child and are a great source of inspiration and positivity. Sending your kid to spend some time with his or her aunt can be a wonderful experience for your child.