After Rescuing Her Baby From Burning House, Mother Loses Life As She Runs Back In To Save Her Disabled Mother

After Rescuing Her Baby From Burning House, Mother Loses Life As She Runs Back In To Save Her Disabled Mother

Tina Mercer was determined to save her family. So, she went back into the burning house to rescue her mother.

The primary importance of every person is their family and dear ones. No matter how dangerous the situation may be, they will leave everything for the safety of their loved ones. A Texas woman was probably thinking exactly the same when she rushed to rescue her infant child and mother. 

When 41-year-old Tina Mercer saw her house burning down on 23 September 2019, she did not wait for the emergency help to arrive. The brave woman decided to take the first step.  She rushed into her house to recuse her loved ones. Acting fast, she recused her baby to safety. She then dialed 911 at 3:25 PM and informed them that there were people stuck inside the burning house, reported People. She even told them she was going back in to get her mother. Then she went on to get her disabled mother from the house that was already engulfed in flames and smoke. But, this time not everything went as she planned.


When the rescuers arrived at the site, the mother of three was found dead inside the burned house along with her 65-year-old disabled mother. The rescuers, however, found the baby safe. It was also reported that Tina's other children were coming back from school when the incident occurred. The State Fire Marshal and the Kaufman County Fire Marshal are not sure of the reason that started the fire. They informed People that investigations were still going on.


"Yesterday a family with 4 children in school suffered a tragic loss when their home caught fire. We are working with several organizations to assist the family. There will be a great needs as they prepare funeral expenses and try to recover," said the school district, Manbank ISD where her children attended school.


The district informed that they were working with organizations to raise money for the family in need. The district has set up a Southside Bank encouraging people to support the Mercer Family. The funeral of the woman was scheduled to held on 30 September 2019 at 11 AM at Moorehead-Epps in Gun Barrel City.

This is not the first time such incidents have occurred. In 2018 New York Post reported a similar incident. A father who escaped his burning apartment building in Massachusetts was killed after he went back into it to save his son and daughter. Though his wife and his infant child were safe, he died along with his children.