How Different Are The Monacan Royal Family From The British Royal Family? | These Photos Tell It All

How Different Are The Monacan Royal Family From The British Royal Family? | These Photos Tell It All

The Monacan royal family and the British royal family are connected but are they similar? These photos will reveal.

We know about the British royal family and all the drama that comes with it, but how well do you know the royal family of Monaco? Prince Albert of Monaco recently debuted their traditional holiday card on their official Facebook page recently. "May the spirit of Christmas be with you throughout the New Year/ We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2021," said he. 

Written in French, English, and Monagasque, the card is signed "Albert de Monaco and Charlene de Monaco," reports People. The photo features the prince, the princess, and their twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, aged 6. The royal kids celebrated their birthday earlier in December. 

Prince Albert, the head of the Grimaldi family, and his family can give the British royals a run for their money when it comes to style. The head of the royal family of Monaco, a small nation by the sea, and the British royals are distantly related. Albert I, Prince of Monaco, married a British aristocrat called Lady Mary Victoria Hamilton in the 19th century, reported Royal Central. Hamilton's father was the 11th Duke of Hamilton and her mother was the German princess Marie of Baden. Marie is the first link between Albert II and Elizabeth II, the Queen of the UK.

If you want to see how similar and different they are, here are some photos to make your own opinion.

1. The holidays



The Queen of the UK shared her annual Christmas message while Prince Albert and his family shared a video card, of which the above image is a part. 

2. Royal weddings 

Source: Getty Images | Photo by (L) Andreas Rentz (R)Sean Gallup


Prince Albert's wedding with the gorgeous Princess Charlene and that of Prince William and Kate Middleton were full of fanfare and state honors. 

3. Family portraits



The young princes and princess always look adorable.  

4. The little ones




Looks like they are all blondes!

5. The original legends 



6. Fashion icons 





The two beautiful royal ladies look resplendent in white. 

7. Love for the outdoors