Bruce Springsteen's Wife "Brought A Lot Of Love" And Helped Heal Him Through His Struggle With Depression

Bruce Springsteen's Wife "Brought A Lot Of Love" And Helped Heal Him Through His Struggle With Depression

"Patti will observe a freight train bearing down, loaded with nitroglycerin and running quickly out of track," he said about his trying times.

When Bruce Springsteen stepped on stage with his guitar, he was the Boss. But once the curtains went down, the one person who saw his insecurities and mental struggles was his bandmate and wife, Patti Scialfa.

After having known each other for about a decade, and sharing their passion for music over the years, Springsteen and Scialfa tied the knot in 1991. Bruce Springsteen has had to deal with depression over the years and he had his wife to lean on through the mental struggles. Honoring the vows 'for better or for worse', even when things were a real struggle for the couple, they stood strong right beside each other.


When he appeared on an episode of Sunday Night, he said, "She was stable enough and strong enough and she brought a lot of love, you know, so those were very healing things over a long period of time," as reported by Mail Online.


According to The Guardian, he described the effect his struggles had on Patti Scialfa and said, "Patti will observe a freight train bearing down, loaded with nitroglycerin and running quickly out of track."

Some artists try to hide their real feelings behind their music or layer into their lyrics the thoughts they have been suppressing. "Our ability to create something becomes your medicine, Patti Scialfa said, according to The New Yorker. "...When you get older, when you are trying to have a family and children, it doesn’t work."


She went on to say, that eventually, "...You begin to see that something is broken. It’s not just a matter of being the mythological lone wolf; something is broken. Bruce is very smart. He wanted a family, he wanted a relationship, and he worked really, really, really hard at it––as hard as he works at his music."

Talking to Vanity Fair about the troubled relationship he had with his father, the singer recalled how Springsteen Sr. was unable to say "I love you" to his own son, “You’d hear his voice breaking up, but he couldn’t get out the words,” he said. Though his father passed away in 1998, Bruce Springsteen had Patti standing right by his side, reminding him how very loved he was.


Patti Scialfa stuck by him through the trying times in Bruce Springsteen 's life. When asked about what helped him succeed, she said, "Obviously, therapy. He was able to look at himself and battle it out." She wasn't scared off and said, "I suffered from depression myself, so I knew what that was about. Clinical depression—I knew what that was about. I felt very akin to him."

While they did stick by each other through the bad, they've had their fair share of the good as well. Most of Bruce Springsteen's relationships didn't last for more than two or three years. But after he married the right woman, he's been a happy husband and father for almost three decades. He says that their marital bond "remains as strong as the day we were married," according to Vintage News.


Together, they have three children and Bruce Springsteen knows that Patti Scialfa is the woman who truly understands everything about him. "Patti is a great songwriter and very distinctive and original voice. Patti joined the band literally days before we went out on tour in 1984 and it was years later, I guess three or four years later, we got together as a couple," he told Kirsty Young on BBC Radio 4′s Desert Island Discs, as reported by BreakingNews.ie.

"It was very interesting. I hadn’t been involved with another musician before and so she had a lot of understanding of where I was coming from and some of the choices I make and a little bit about the twisted parts of my personality that she knew how to handle and live with better than some of my other relationships."


Although they had known each other, performed together, and even been through quite a bit before they became a couple, committing to each other is something that showed them what the right relationship can be like. He said, "It was a lovely beginning to what’s been a very beautiful relationship."