Camilla's Note To Diana Days Before Her Wedding To Charles Revealed Her Marriage Was Not Going To Be A Fairy Tale

Camilla's Note To Diana Days Before Her Wedding To Charles Revealed Her Marriage Was Not Going To Be A Fairy Tale

Princess Diana was distracted by Camilla at her wedding. She felt insecure by her presence.

Princess Diana was just a young girl when she got engaged to Prince Charles. She was excited to begin her new life with the Prince, but even before the wedding took place, Diana developed a suspicion about the Prince's relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles. 

According to CheatSheet, Diana and Camilla were on friendly terms when they met each other. After Diana's engagement to Charles, the couple was a frequent visitor at the Bowles household. Though she noticed Camilla and Charles shared a bond that could not be categorized as a mere friendship, her doubts only became clear after one particular event.


Once, when Charles was away on some royal engagements, Camilla invited the Princess for lunch.

Diana readily agreed. It was when the two met together for this friendly catch-up that Camilla told Diana that she “was still hoping to spend time with Charles when he went hunting.” Camilla's desire to spend time with the Prince did not impress the Princess. Instead, it strengthened her doubts regarding Camilla's relationship with Charles. 

“The friendly note invited her to lunch. It was during that meeting, arranged to coincide with Prince Charles’s trip to Australia and New Zealand, that Diana became suspicious. Camilla kept asking if Diana was going to hunt when she moved to Highgrove,” wrote Andrew Morton in his book, Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words.

He added, "Diana later realized that Camilla saw Charles’s love of hunting as a conduit to maintaining her own relationship with him," according to Cheat Sheet.


Besides this incident, Diana often overheard her husband's conversations with Camilla. On one occasion, Diana was talking to the Prince when Camilla rang him up. Helpless Diana was conflicted. She did not know if she was allowed to stay while her husband carried on with his conversation. At last, she decided to leave.

According to Morton, "that episode broke her heart." He wrote, "Diana wondered whether to sit there or leave and let them make their farewells in private. She left her fiancé alone but told friends afterwards.."

According to MSN, the royal author Sally Bedell Smith stated that Diana heard her husband "murmuring endearments" to Camilla on the phone.


Diana was disturbed by the turn of events, she decided to speak her heart out to Charles. When Diana expressed her concerns, Charles told her she had nothing to worry about. According to History Extra, Charles told Diana that Camilla had once been an intimate friend. However, since he was going to marry her, "there was, and there would be, no other woman in his life."


Despite his assurance, Diana was not very convinced. She did not want Camilla to be around her husband. Moreover, seeing Camilla evoked her feelings of insecurity. Even on her wedding day, Diana was distracted by the presence of Camilla at the Cathedral. "Diana later said she had been so fixated on Camilla that as her father walked slowly up the aisle at St. Paul's, she raked the congregation until her eyes settled on her nemesis, with her 'pale grey, veiled pillbox hat,'" wrote Smith, according to MSN.


After Diana's wedding to Charles, she thought she had some time to get to know him privately during their honeymoon. There was no Camilla or anyone who could take his attention away from her.

However, the honeymoon turned out to be just another reminder of how Camilla was going to be detrimental to their relationship. According to Cheat Sheet, on the first day of their honeymoon, two pictures of Camilla fell out of Prince Charles's diary. Diana was shocked.

Moreover, her husband decided to wear the cufflinks gifted by Camilla on their honeymoon. With all unraveling in front of her, Diana knew her marriage was not going to be the fairytale she dreamt of. Despite it, she tried to make it work until it reached a point where it was damaged beyond repair.