Can You Spot The Odd One Out?

Can You Spot The Odd One Out?

Get ready to exercise your brain a little with this interesting puzzle.

Puzzles have always been entertaining whether you're with your family or spending time alone. It doesn't matter what kind of puzzle you're trying to solve, a 1000-piece jigsaw, crossword, a brain teaser, or visual puzzles, all of these affect our brains in the right way. 

According to Goodnet, puzzles have been popular for a long time. You can find riddles even in the Bible. Do you know who invented the modern jigsaw puzzles and when? Well, the idea was executed by John Spilsbury in 1767. The first crossword puzzles were published in newspapers in 1913. 

It's usually thought that puzzles are beneficial only for children as it helps in developing their physical and cognitive brain skills, but these fun puzzles can help the adult brain as well. There are seven ways in which they help:

1. Puzzles Exercise Both Sides of Your Brain

2.  They Improve Your Memory

3. They Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills

4. They Improve Visual and Spatial Reasoning

5. They Enhance Your Mood

6. They Lower Your Stress Levels

7. They can Improve Your IQ Score

Now, that you know how a puzzle helps, here's one for you. Even if you think your observation skills are amazing, this puzzle might be a bit of a challenge because trust us, this one is not easy. All you have to do is find out which image of the kid's favorite character, Doremon, is different. So, are you ready? Cool... here it is!

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das


So... did you see it? Yeah, we know it's a tricky one and how do we know that? Well, we tried to solve it, too. We'll give you a clue to make it a bit easier for you. Look at all the elements of objects, gestures, and expressions.

Still didn't see it? Oh, don't lose hope soon! Check once again. We're sure you'll find which one is different if you just open you eyes and observe carefully. 

For those who found it? Don't spoil it for the others by leaving the answer in the comment, sshhhh...

The rest of you, no worries, here's the answer key.

Source: Illustration | By Shamik Das


The box outlined in red is the one different from the other. Pay attention to the eyes. Did you notice? Yupp, in the first picture, his eyes are at a distance but in the other two, they are close by. 

Hope you had fun!



Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.