21 January, 2022

Mackenzie Scott Donated More Money in 2 Years Than Jeff Bezos Has in His Entire Life

Hugh Jackman's Mother Abandoned Him When He Was Just 8, His Dad Prayed Every Night So She Would Come Back

Owen Wilson’s Daughter Who He Has Never Met, Looks Just Like Him In Photo Shared by Her Mother

Rob Lowe Never Gave Up On His Son Who Was Struggling Addiction And Held Him Close Through The Toughest Times

Will Smith Dances With His Mother as She Turns 85 Years Old

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet Are Parting Ways After 16 Years

Reese Witherspoon's daughter says she's attracted to people | "Gender is Whatever"


10 January, 2022

Comedien Bob Saget Dies at Age 65 While Touring

Betty White Took the ‘The Lost Valentine’ Role to Remember Late Husband

Oliver Hudson Says Kurt Russell Wasn’t Happy When He Was Arrested at 16

America's Oldest Veteran, Lawrence Brooks, Dies At 112

Dolly Parton Once Considered Suicide but Her Dog Saved Her

Friend Reveals Betty White’s 'Sweet' Last Words Before Dying

Keanu Revees Donated 70 percent Of His Salary to Cancer Research


3 January, 2022

Betty White refused to remove a black dancer from her show in 1954: "He Stays"

John Travolta Remembers Talking About Death With His Son After His Wife Passed Away

A Georgia Couple Adopts Six Siblings Who Were Previously Separated In Different Foster Homes

Dwayne Johnson Became ‘Different Kind of Dad’ To Daughters After Divorce From 1st Wife: "Every Man NEEDS A Daughter"

Ben Affleck Said He Would Have Still Been Drinking If He Were Still Married to Jennifer Garner, Despite How Much He Loves Her

5 Children Killed At School After Jumping Castle Is Thrown 32 Feet Into Air by Strong Winds In Freak Accident

2-Month-Old Baby Dies After Kentucky Tornado Flings Her and Family From Bathroom To Neighbor's Patch