25 January, 2020

Adele Grew Up Without A Father's Love Because Her Dad Walked Out On Her & Her Family At A Time When She Needed Him Most

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After Heartbreak Of Painful Divorce, Brad Pitt Just Wanted "To Be Happy" & Now Can Finally Say He Has No Complaints

Mel B's Husband Made Her Believe "I Am Ugly, I Am Worth Nothing" But She Fought To Overcome The Pain Of An Abusive Marriage

Pierce Brosnan Was Forced to Cut Ties With His "Lost" Son And Was "Almost Destroyed" By The Painful Decision

Kevin Hart Loves Doing Romantic Things For His Wife Like Giving Her THOUSAND Roses Because He "Love(s) Making Her Happy"

Michael Douglas Never Took Off His Wedding Ring Even He Was On A Break With His Wife Catherine Zeta Jones

Robin Williams' Daughter Admitted "I Didn't See Daylight For A While" To Cope With The Grief Of His Death


18 January, 2020

Britney Spears's Father Controlled Her Life So Much, She Felt Trapped In A "Jail" That She Could Never Get Out Of

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Dwayne Johnson In Tears After Losing His Dad Whom He Thanked For His "Tough Love" & For Making Him The Man He Is Today

Stephen Colbert Reveals The Moment He Knew Evelyn McGee Was The One He Wanted To Spend The Rest Of His Life With

Betty White Is Ready To Have A "Fun" 98th Birthday With Loved Ones | Her Plans Show She Knows How To Have Good Time

Al Pacino Hit The Lowest Point In Life When He Lost His Mother And Admits, "I Realize How Deeply I Miss Her"

Marriage Feels "Like Heaven On Earth" For Ted Danson Who's Still Madly In Love With Mary Steenburgen After 24 Years

Rory Feek Continues His Late Wife's Dream & Builds A School For His Daughter With Down Syndrome On Their Farm


14 January, 2020

Lady Gaga Opens Up About How The Trauma From Abuse Tormented Her For Years Before She Got Help: "My Inner Voice Shut Down"

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Queen Approves Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Desire Move Away & Live Without Being Dependent On Public Funds

Keanu Reeves Spotted Enjoying Ice Cream Alone In Video, After Being In News For Stepping Out With New Girlfriend

Cameron Diaz Recently Became A Mom, After Waiting Desperately For Years & Enduring A "Brutal" Path To Motherhood

8-YO Prince Harry Cheekily Reveals Who Inspires Princess Diana In This Adorable Video That Recently Resurfaced

How Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Kept Spark Alive For 35 Years & "More In Love Than Ever”, Despite Taking Care Of 19 Children

George Strait's Memories Of Losing His Daughter Are So Painful That Even 33 Years Later, He Struggles To Speak About It