Husband Shocked To Discover The Twins His Wife Gave Birth To Have Two Different Fathers

Husband Shocked To Discover The Twins His Wife Gave Birth To Have Two Different Fathers

A husband had wondered why one of his twins looked different. A DNA test proved he was not the father.

Cheating your partner is definitely not ethical, however it is, even more, worse if your partner gets to know you were pregnant with his and someone else's baby at the same time. This bizarre and rare incident took place in China.

According to Vice News, a husband from south-eastern China's Xiamen city was astonished by a discovery he made when he went to register the birth of his twins with his wife. The Chinese news outlet said that the husband, known by the pseudonym Xiaolong, had noticed that the twins looked quite different right from birth. While one had his features, the other looked quite different. However, things became clear when he received the DNA test. The husband was shocked by the results.

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The incident came to light when the couple went to register the birth of the babies at a local police station. Based on the rules, a paternity test should be presented to prove the babies were theirs. Ms. Zhang, who is the director of the Fujian Zhengtai Forensic Identification Centre, the government agency ran the test and brought out the truth. It showed that his twins had two fathers meaning he had no biological relationship with one of the babies.

When the man showed the results to his wife, she was left with no choice. While she did try accusing her innocent husband of fabricating false documents. But soon, she was forced to let it out. The woman confessed that she had a one night stand with another man. Zang revealed that the husband was furious when he discovered the truth. Moreover, the husband said he was not going to take care of another man's child. He reportedly would be raising only his own kid.

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It might be a wonder to many but such births are possible. According to the Guardian, the process is called heteropaternal superfecundation. It is known to happen if a partner has intercourse with two partners within a very short span. It can also happen if a woman releases her eggs a few days apart and has sex with two different partners.

However, the chances of such births are very rare. A similar case was reported from Vietnam in 2016. Professor Le Dinh Luong, president of the Hanoi-based Vietnam Genetic Association, which did the DNA testing said that it was "an extremely rare case," reported BBC News. However, more details on the case were not reported due to confidentiality.