Christopher Reeve's Son, Orphaned By Age Of 13, Believes He's "Lucky" To Have Parents With Him In Every Stage Of Life

Christopher Reeve's Son, Orphaned By Age Of 13, Believes He's "Lucky" To Have Parents With Him In Every Stage Of Life

Will Reeve is a journalist but is keen on continuing his parents' legacy through the foundation they established. He thinks his parents would be proud of what he has achieved.

Being orphaned at a very young age and suddenly having to live without the guidance and affection of your parents is just devastating. Will Reeve, the son of Christopher Reeve and Dana Reeve had to go through this shattering heartache.

When he was just a teenager, Will was forced to bid farewell to his mother, who supported him after the death of his father in 2004. The nightmare left him in a lot of pain, Will lived with one hope, that though he may no longer be able to see his parents physically, their spiritual presence was never going to leave him.


According to CBS News, 13-year-old Will wrote a letter to himself soon after his mother's death. In his letter, he assured his future self that his parents will be with him at every milestone of his life. He even referred to himself as lucky despite being parentless. 

"I want you to know that we do not have all of this figured out. But you know that in the years ahead, you will face no obstacle greater than the one you are starting to overcome right now, and no matter which way your journey leads, mom and dad will be there with you every step of the way. How lucky are you?" wrote Will.


Further, Will consoled himself as he got ready to face life on his own. "There will be times when you will feel lost. You will feel insecure, less about the braces and bad haircut you have now and more about the choices you make, the direction of your career, missteps in relationships and social settings, but don't worry," wrote the grieving teenager. He continued, "You'll keep playing sports and singing in musicals and you'll get good grades and make great friends and you'll feel encouraged, supported, and loved."

Despite the uncertain future ahead of him, Will wrote of how he wanted to make his parents proud. "You'll make them proud by honoring your family name, not by using it for special treatment but by living a life worthy of its legacy. Some days, like when you join the board of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, you'll feel like you're doing a great job," he wrote. He added, "Every moment you spent with them, they were preparing you for a life without them. You have their values and Mom's eyes and Dad's smile."


Fortunately, he was able to accomplish everything he wanted with the blessings of his parents. The successful 28-year-old man remembered the legacy of his father and mother in 2019 while attending the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation‘s “A Magical Evening” gala, according to People.


He said, "I think his legacy is never going to go away and think that is a responsibility that I feel, to carry his and my mother’s legacy on for the rest of my life and hopefully beyond that." He continued, "I think that the foundation is one way, one tangible way, that his legacy and my mom’s legacy will always live on. And I think the way that I, and my siblings, live our lives is another way. And I think that his impact is felt by the millions of lives that he touched."


Will, a journalist, stays connected to his parents through the foundation. Speaking at the gala, he said his parents would be so proud of him and his half-siblings. "I think that what my dad and my mom would be so proud of the three of us for, is that we dedicate a lot of time and energy to the Reeve Foundation, but we also dedicate a lot of time and energy to our own lives, and to our own jobs and to our families and to our friends," said Will. He added, "Because what my mom and dad wanted was for us to be our own people, who were fortunate enough to have their guidance as a backbone, as a fundamental driver. So, what would they be happy about? That we are living our own lives in a way that I think would make them proud."




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