Couple Retire After Working Together For 32 Years In Dollywood | They Have Been Married For 5 Decades

Couple Retire After Working Together For 32 Years In Dollywood | They Have Been Married For 5 Decades

Their signatures will be preserved in Dollywood and now they are excited to get a retiree pass and be there as a guest.

Buddy and Edye Gale Houser worked at Dollywood together for nearly three decades. However, as of July 31, 2022, the couple has formally retired. The pair have had a great time entertaining tourists in the theme park for the past 32 years. Dollywood was only five years old when both of them were hired.

The couple's retirement celebration took place on Saturday, July 30, according to a Dollywood spokeswoman, with their actual final day being Sunday, reports WBIR. The Housers said they're excited to visit the theme park as guests from now on. During their time there, they saw and experienced a lot of things. 

Edye Gale said, "We were only going to work a couple of years. But it didn't turn out that way." She got married to Buddy almost fifty years ago and they have been together since high school. She said, "It just feels like we just got married the other day. You know, the key is if he lets me have my way, everything's cool." She works in ticketing and had a great time in Dollywood.



She added, "I've been in the front gate ticket area my whole 32 years. In fact, I had no desire to move anywhere else in the park because this was such a good team." Buddy was a turnstile operator. He began his Dollywood career in the accounting department. Despite working feet apart, they seldom saw each other at work. He recalled, "We might see each other in passing. It's no big deal."

They have worked together before Dollywood as they are retired teachers. Buddy taught at Seymour High School for 30 years. He was a math instructor who specialized in algebra and geometry. He also instructed a Bible history course. Edye taught for 30 years at Gatlinburg-Pittman. She mostly instructed in business subjects such as economics, business law, general business, computer, and keyboarding. She used to teach sociology and psychology also. 



Edye recalled, "I told him I said, 'I feel like I've been working 62 years because 30 years at the schoolhouse, 32 here,' and he said, 'But you can't add them together,' and I said, 'Hide and watch me.' "

The couple has even met Dolly Parton while working at the theme park. Edye describes her as, "wonderful," and said that she went to high-school with her brother and dated him for a while. However, their relationship did not continue as Edye's brother could not afford gas to go see Dolly. 

About how they balance their personal and professional lives together, Buddy mentions that their secret is that they "both love the Lord." Both of them attend Valley Grove Baptist Church where Buddy is a deacon and Edye sings in the choir.

They're delighted to see the other side after dozens of years of welcoming people through the gates. Edye said, "I plan on getting that retiree pass, and I'll be here as a guest." Buddy said, "This has been a fun place to work, and if it had not been we probably wouldn't have stayed." 

The couple will also leave an indelible mark on the park. Dollywood made signs with the names of the couple on them.




Cover Image Source: WBIR/Youtube