Insensitive Cousin Demands New Mother Pay Up $2,200 For Her "Ruined" Blouse After Her Baby Throws Up On It

Insensitive Cousin Demands New Mother Pay Up $2,200 For Her "Ruined" Blouse After Her Baby Throws Up On It

"At the end of the day, we all know what babies can be like... I feel bad for her but it was not my fault," the mother said.

With motherhood comes the knowledge that there is going to be some kind of mess that needs to be cleaned up every other hour. The routine pile of puke, spilled-over-milk, or juice stains add enough to a young mother's plate. And having to deal with other people being inconsiderate through it all can make matters worse.

One new mother on Reddit was shocked when it was her own cousin who made an outrageous demand not long after she gave birth to her baby girl, Charlotte.

"I gave birth four weeks ago, and we decided to have a 'baby ceremony', where everyone gets to meet our lovely daughter Charlotte," the mother wrote under the username of u/isaoas. "My cousin Alice and her parents were among the guests. The first thing I'll say about her is that she has expensive taste. She's the sort of person who has a minimum price range for how much she spends on clothing. She doesn't own anything that isn't designer and has some items of clothing that cost thousands. She is a banker and still lives with parents so can afford the lifestyle."

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The baby ceremony was going absolutely fine until little Charlotte was held by her mummy's cousin. "It was Alice's turn to hold the baby and she was happy to at first, but suddenly Charlotte vomited on her," the mother went on to say. "Alice handed Charlotte back to me and ran off crying, and spent the rest of the event crying in the car. I went to see her to apologize but she didn't want to hear any of it. My mum gave her one of her shirts which was too big for her and she felt completely upset and humiliated."

When the woman's mother rung her up, that's when she realized that Alice was not going to be understanding about the situation and was expecting her to pay up $2,200 for a blouse. Her post continued to say, "Today I got a call from my mum, saying that she'd been on the phone to her sister (Alice's mum) saying that they want me to reimburse the cost of the blouse (roughly £1800) since it was completely ruined."

Although the mother felt bad, she didn't agree to meet the expectations that came with her cousin's extravagant lifestyle. She said, "I have said no. At the end of the day, we all know what babies can be like. She took a risk wearing something so expensive knowing a baby was nearby and unfortunately it backfired. I feel bad for her but it was not my fault."

She ended her post by asking, "Am I doing the right thing by refusing to pay up?"

And to that, a number of people had answers of their own. One user, MulysaSemp said, "When I read the title I was ready to say YTA [You're the Asshole], because of course parents are liable for their kids, but then I got to the shirt being $1800 and I changed my mind. No person with any sense wears an $1800 shirt around a baby."

Bootybustinwitch123 commented saying, "Honestly don't wear expensive clothes around very young kids in general. They're messy as hell. They love to touch your clothes and are perpetually sticky or have stuff on their fingers. When I worked with kids I had unidentified stuff all over my old t-shirts along with finger paint. Expensive clothes should be saved for special occasions."

Some, like the user named melodiousmeow even said, "How can some baby vomit ruin a shirt? Your baby is like a month old so either on the b*** milk or formula.... I am finding it hard to believe it is ruined. I bet it can be cleaned and shouldn't cost much. This is drama you don't need to deal with...."

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However, other people pointed out that the mother may have to take some responsibility. illini02 wrote, "I get what you are saying, but how far do you take this. If your child breaks someone's property, do you say 'well, we know what kids are like'. I don't know this person, but maybe you should've given her a spit up rag or something to cover herself with."

One user shared a middle - ground suggestion of sorts. GardensGraveyards26 said, "Offer to pay for the dry cleaning. 1800 is exorbitant but I think offering to get it clean is well within reason."