This Cute Doggo, Who Was at SPCA For 866 Days, Finally Found Her Forever Home

This Cute Doggo, Who Was at SPCA For 866 Days, Finally Found Her Forever Home

Charlize was SPCA Delaware's longest resident dog. In total, Charlize had spent 990 days in multiple shelters.

Dogs are among the happiest, most lovable creatures in the whole wide world. For many, cuddling with one of them is calming and sometimes, even cheers one up. These furry lovable goofs usually become joys to all those who take them home. Recently, another one of these four-legged wonders found her forever home.

This dog, who was at a Delaware shelter for 866 days, was finally adopted. Charlize was the longest resident dog at the SPCA in Delaware. She had been transferred to the Delaware SPCA from a partner agency in July 2018. She had previously spent five months waiting for a home at the agency. In all, Charlize had spent 990 days in shelters.


The 4-year-old mixed-breed dog went home with a couple, Anna and her boyfriend Matthew. According to Fox29, Anna said they had just purchased a home after Matthew returned from a deployment and were missing a four-legged baby to complete their home.

They chose Charlize because they thought she was cute, with a smiley face and friendly disposition. The pup enjoyed the outdoors and outdoor activities as they do.

"We weren't aware of how long she had been in the shelter until we met her and honestly couldn't figure it out," said Anna. "She was such a sweetie the whole time we were there meeting her! And now, seeing how excited she is to be home and with people loving her makes us so happy!"

"I am happy that she seems to trust us already," Anna said. "It’s like we have known her much longer than we have."


There are many puppers such as Charlize that stay in adoption homes for a long time before being adopted.

Another example is Drools, who spent 700 days in an animal shelter. A 4-year-old male pit bull-boxer mix, he spent approximately 729 days at the Conour Animal Shelter - Upper Rio Grande Animal Society (URGAS) in Monte Vista, Colorado. The doggo finally found a forever home because of the efforts between the shelter and Kacey Widetich, Relay For Rescue founder and executive director, according to Fox29.

Widetich, in fact, moved into the shelter and slept with Drools to help acclimate him to being around people. She wanted to make sure whoever adopted him understood his specific needs. The dog is great around humans. However, he doesn't do very well around other animals and needs to be the only pet, according to the shelter.


Josh Simpson, Drools’ new owner, found out about the pup by pure coincidence, according to Stevie, the manager of the shelter.

Simpson was traveling from Dallas, Texas back home to Boulder, Colorado when he saw Drools’ story on Facebook. He connected with the shelter and had his first meet-cute with Drools on October 28, 2020. Although the pup seemed a bit apprehensive initially, he got comfortable with Simpson soon. They arranged a second meet-cute because of Drools' specific needs, but the two got along well even on that day.

“Josh took it all seriously and took the meet-and-greet process seriously,” Stevie said. On the day the doggo left, the shelter sent Drools and Simpson off with loads of donated toys, beds and treats. "I feel like I won the lottery," Simpson said. "The dog has more beds than me," Stevie said. "He has three beds!"


Drools’ story got a lot of attention from news outlets and on social media. This helped the shelter find homes for three of their other long-term residents.

"We were able to establish relationships with several rescues across the country to help move longtime dogs out of the shelter and into foster homes," Widetich told KRDO, according to Foz 29.

"All of these dogs deserve a second chance at happily ever after just like Drools and I look forward to working with the shelter to ensure this continues to happen moving forward."