Drew Scott And Linda Phan Welcome Their First Baby After Struggling With Infertility

Drew Scott And Linda Phan Welcome Their First Baby After Struggling With Infertility

"Our lives are forever changed," the 'Property Brothers' host said in an Instagram post.

The joy of starting one's own family, especially after a long wait, is unmatchable. Sharing the same emotion, Drew Scott and his wife Linda Phan has welcomed their first child—a baby boy—after a two-year struggle with infertility, reported Today.

Andrew Alfred Scott aka Drew Scott, the HGTV host known for the show Property Brothers, tied the knot with Linda Phan in 2018. The couple has addressed the media many times since then, opening up about hopes of starting their own family. After two years of struggling with infertility, a journey that included IUI and IVF treatments, they received the much-awaited good news in August 2021 and announced last December that they were expecting. The couple welcomed a baby boy named Parker James on Wednesday night. They added that Phan was in labor for 44 hours and gave birth via C-section. The couple had raised eyebrows last month with an intimate maternity shoot. 

Welcoming his son, Scott posted a picture on Instagram and wrote, "Our lives are forever changed❤️, Welcome to the world Parker James☺️👶🏼"


“Our new baby boy, he’s a healthy baby boy, he’s adorable,” Scott said Wednesday on their At Home podcast. “Other than pooped, I feel great,” Phan chimed in. “Very happy that he’s finally here and I’m still in awe and in disbelief. I feel like every step of this pregnancy has taken me time to adjust. And then as soon as I almost adjust, it’s onto the next milestone or the next thing. I feel like I’m always playing catchup with my feelings.” “It’s this immediate love and this feeling of you need to do everything you can to keep them safe and make them feel loved,” Scott said of being a parent.


The couple has been forever ready for the child. Scott's recent Instagram posts have all been about the excitement and anticipation. Gearing up to welcome the baby, the couple posted happy pictures throughout their pregnancy time, mentioning all the 'baby moments' they couldn't wait for. 



Scott distinctly remembers the moment of joy they experienced when their doctor pronounced the couple 'pregnant'. “I remember seeing Linda feeling anxious and her feeling my sticky palms. I was nervous, too. Dr. Baek got straight to the point, announcing, 'CONGRATS! YOU’RE PREGNANT! YOUR BLOOD WORK LOOKS GREAT!'” recalled Scott. “I looked over at you with my jaw open,” Phan added. “It’s kind of funny. Anticipating hearing those words, I expected to jump with joy. However, in that moment I remember feeling more of a sense of relief.”


Drew opened up on their podcast about finally prioritizing being a dad. "I knew I've wanted to have kids since I was a kid," he said in December. "But then I got really busy with work and I love what I do. I love helping other families. But I realized twelve years had gone by of doing that when we'd sort of sidelined starting our own family. I'm really glad we made that decision now."





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