Elementary School Teacher Gave Students A Hot Chocolate Party After A Long-Range Basketball Shot

Elementary School Teacher Gave Students A Hot Chocolate Party After A Long-Range Basketball Shot

Kathleen Fitzpatrick hit an incredible shot to win her third class a hot chocolate party according to a viral video

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, an elementary school teacher at Holy Trinity School in Washington, D.C., promised the kids in her class a hot chocolate party if she hit a long-range shot while playing with them. Fitzpatrick, known as Miss Fitz at school, did it with ease, and the viral video of her shot and ensuing elation has surprised everyone on the internet, per PEOPLE. Fitzpatrick spoke to ESPN, "I usually play basketball with them at recess, and I don't really take it lightly. I play as hard as I can," expressing how she loves to spend time with her students playing a sport that she adores. The viral video of her incredible long-shot is making round online, earning Fitzpatrick much appreciation for her skills and demeanor. 



Fitzpatrick further told ESPN that on a random Friday afternoon, she was playing basketball with her third graders when she told them that if she makes one long shot, she'll treat everybody on Monday. She says, "If I make this shot, we'll have hot chocolate on Monday as a class."  The kids were extremely excited and cheering on their teacher. "I just launched it and it went in," Fitzpatrick adds.  

The elementary school teacher is actually a former Division I basketball player at Rutgers, which explains her love and proficiency in the game. Her long shot in the video wasn't just luck but stems from continuous practice and her love for basketball. To appreciate and express his appreciation, Vince Carter, a well-known basketball player, surprised Fitzpatrick. The former athlete was star-struck and couldn't stop smiling when Carter said he was impressed by her talent and skills. 



Carter talked about her brilliant three-pointer at the buzzer while playing college ball during the interview and said, "That was an amazing shot, and you know, we talk about pressure, you've been through pressure, we've seen that shot." He added, "But listen – tell me this: you're talking about pressure. You promised hot chocolate to these kids. Imagine you not making this shot and you having to hear it on Monday." The former NBA player expressed how the kids would have reacted if she did not make that amazing shot. 

In her ESPN interview, Sage Steele praised her as a teacher and all the work she has been doing in the pandemic to help her kids with the new interface of teaching. Steels says, "(she) brought smiles to the faces of so many people that you've never met and probably never will meet" with her amazing basketball shot and her brilliant acts as a teacher. Fitzpatrick went ahead to say that the coronavirus pandemic has been really hard on the kids and their education. So, she does everything she can to make them feel comfortable and bring smiles to their faces. She says, "It's been so insane the last year-and-a-half. So just to have some fun, some laughter, some joy, and just forget about COVID for a few minutes has really been amazing."






Cover Image Source: Still from ESPN Youtube Channel