Emma Thompson Shows Who "The Perfect Mother" Really Is And It Makes Us Feel Like We're FINALLY Understood

Emma Thompson Shows Who "The Perfect Mother" Really Is And It Makes Us Feel Like We're FINALLY Understood

Remember when you left your kids alone and came back to a house that looked like a war zone? Well, just one of those many unforgettable moments of motherhood that you can fondly look back upon.

Before you became a mother, you were told what an absolute joy motherhood would be, of all the wonderful moments like cuddling your baby and watching your toddler take their first step. But they never told you about those moments of utter frustration and fatigue that every single new mother is bound to experience, and is hardly ever prepared for. Becoming a mother is without a doubt a blessing, but there's no denying it has its fair share of moments many would rather not talk about.

They didn't tell you about the number of cushions you'd have to turn over so your guests wouldn't see the stains of chocolate syrup, spaghetti sauce, and puke. And they never told you how your partner would argue throughout an entire trip about who forgot your 5-year-old's stuffed toy at home. Those were all the unforgettable moments that really make motherhood an experience unlike any other. As shown by Emma Thompson in this hilarious tribute to The Perfect Mother on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live.

The short skit is a hilarious, honest, and oh-so-relatable tribute to mothers.


The final message, "To all the moms in the world: to us, you were Perfect even when you weren't" really struck a chord with mothers and children everywhere. A comment by Cornlips 4 said, "This is literally the best most realistic thing I have ever seen about parenting! So flawless. I did not stop laughing the whole time."

It showed how children, who have grown up and are now parents themselves, finally understand how their mothers kept it together without letting them know how crazy things were. Christina Dobbs wrote in a comment, "This made me cry because I was so hard on myself for not being a "good mother" but my kids seem to understand and know how hard I worked to keep a roof over our heads.....so for Mother's Day, I honor them for being understanding and forgiving".

Jack Charbonneau even shared an experience from their own household and said, "My wife was dressed for work, ready to go, picked up the youngest to say good-bye, and he COVERED her and himself in puke. She smiled and took him straight into the shower... both still fully clothed. Kids are fun! Happy Mother's Day!"


As Emma Thompson hosted the show in honor of Mother's Day, she had Amy Poehler and Tina Fey alongside her. They were the "mom-translators", decoding what moms say vs. what moms really mean.

When moms say, "I love all my kids the same," she means, "Your sister is winning!", the trio said, according to Today.

When moms say, "Ooh, I like that shirt!", it means "Oh, I think I bought you that shirt!". 

And when moms say, "You are driving me crazy!" or "Why do you have to be so stubborn?" or "I could strangle you", they said it means something wonderful. It means mothers love their children.

Your kids may drive you nuts, but you know they make your life meaningful and you wouldn't want to change a thing about them.


SNL showed that there's no such bar for the perfect mom. Every mom is perfect as long as they showed their kids with love and never gave up, even when you thought one of them might just burn down the house.