If You're Entering The New Year With A Partner Who Has These Traits, You Might Be Heading For A Heartbreak

If You're Entering The New Year With A Partner Who Has These Traits, You Might Be Heading For A Heartbreak

Every little thing that they do to break your trust can leave the biggest scars on relationship and leave you feel broken.

How long will you tell yourself that relationships take hard work? How long will you keep defending your partner, convincing yourself that they will change? When you've given them far too many chances in the relationship and they still haven't shown any remorse, you might be better off without them. It's the start of a brand new year and letting a toxic relationship weigh you down can take away the possibilities of what could be a happy, unforgettable year ahead.

Starting the new year without a partner by your side might seem scary, but you might find that it's better for you to be alone than to be with someone who makes you feel unhappy. If your partner has the following traits, you could be heading towards heartbreak this year.

1. Dishonest

If your partner has given you a number of reasons to believe that their words can't always be trusted, it's a sign that your loyalty is being taken advantage of. Seeing that your partner lies to you with no hesitation or qualms about breaking your trust can leave you feeling hurt and used. Every single lie they tell you can shred away pieces of the relationship. And you deserve the chance to end things before they destroy you completely.

2. Extremely critical

When you're with someone who constantly belittles you can make you stop believing in yourself. It could also be a sign that they feel better about themselves only when you feel worse about yourself. They might not care about seeing you grow; it's just about making you feel miserable. "A nonstop barrage of criticism never helped anyone improve; it's not about making things better but boosting the critic's ego," wrote Lolly Daskal, president and CEO of Lead From Within, for Inc.

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3. Lacks empathy

Seeing that your partner is a stranger to your innermost feelings can make you feel so alone, despite being in a relationship. You deserve to be with someone who is genuinely concerned about what you're going through and the fears that are on your mind. It's worse when your partner doesn't see how their hurtful actions are causing you pain. Your relationship can turn extremely lonely when you're supposed to pay heed to their feelings but left all alone to deal with your own.

4. Excessively controlling

Making you feel like their eyes are always on you, watching your every step and every move can take all your freedom away. "A partner who insists on being hyper-close and doing everything together—or doesn't allow you to be by yourself and is constantly monitoring or questioning your whereabouts and intentions—is indicative of a toxic relationship," said Gary Lewandowski Jr., PhD, a professor of psychology at Monmouth University, according to Women's Health.

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5. Overly dependendent

It isn't fair when your partner constantly seeks to make themselves a part of every little thing in your life. Regardless of the kind of relationship you're in, it is important to have your own space. When they turn to you for their every whim and fancy, expecting you to always show up and be there for them, it can make you feel suffocated and trapped. "We don't like constantly having to support someone who's not available to support us," said Hal Runkel, marriage and family therapist and author of Choose Your Own Adulthood, according to Business Insider.

6. Intimidating

When your partner goes to the worst lengths to make it seems like they always have an upper hand in the relationship, you may always be left feeling like you're not good enough. They may turn everything into a competition just so that you can be left feeling powerless while they sit on the pedestal. “Ideally, relationships are a union between equals," Lewandowski said. "Surely, every aspect of a relationship won’t have perfectly balanced power dynamics [or at least not all the time], but overall, it should balance out.”

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7. Unwilling to accept their faults

A partner who truly loves you would be open to understanding things from your perspective and willing to meet you halfway, so that the two of you can move forward, hand-in-hand, in a happy relationship. It could be a red flag when your partner is always denying it when you point something out and is never willing to accept the blame, even when you've caught them redhanded. Your partner might convince you that things will get better just so that you'll stay in the relationship, but they probably never will.

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