Chritsmas Turned A Nightmare As Pregnant Mom & Toddler Were Shot By Ex-Boyfriend | He Killed Himself Days After

Chritsmas Turned A Nightmare As Pregnant Mom & Toddler Were Shot By Ex-Boyfriend | He Killed Himself Days After

The bodies of the mother and the child were discovered during a welfare check.

Charese Garvin, a 28-year-old mother, expected Christmas to be a day of celebration. However, fate wasn't on her side. According to People, Garvin and her youngest child Alayah were both shot to death by her former partner, Timothy Brown. 

The incident came to light after authorities found the body of the pregnant mother and the child during a welfare check at 1519 Lakeside Lane, Velda City.



The officials from North County Precinct discovered their bodies at around 7 p.m. on 25 December 2020. They stated that the murder took place in the morning.

Witnesses told the police that they had seen Brown’s car in Garvin’s driveway on the day of the incident. They stated that the man threatened Garvin saying if he could not have her, “no one could." Soon after, the police sent out a notice announcing a reward of up to $10,000 for anyone offering tips that might result in Brown's arrest. ThriVe St. Louis Express Women’s Healthcare also offered an extra reward of $3,000.

Shortly, Brown was charged with two counts of first-degree murder. However, the authorities couldn't catch him alive. According to St. Louis Post Dispatch, Brown barricaded himself inside his home in 7100 block of Edison Avenue at around 4:30 p.m. After four hours, the man was found dead. Officials informed that he might have shot himself. 

Source: St Louis County Police Department


The events unfolded on 29 December 2020 after the police knocked at the man's house on Edison Avenue. The door was answered by a woman. While the officers conversed with the woman, the man inside began firing gunshots at them. 

Subsequently, the officers began negotiating with Brown after taking the woman away. Though the police asked Brown to surrender, he did not budge. St. Louis County police repeated, "Come to the front door with nothing in your hands.” An officer addressed him by name after 6:30 p.m and stated through the microphone, "I know you can hear me. I need you to answer the phone. I need you to talk with us. As you can see, Timothy, we’re not going anywhere.”

Later, Brown was found dead inside the house after a robot was sent inside. The time of his death is unknown. Brown is the father of Garvin's two oldest children. 

A GoFund Me Page has been created to help Garvin's family with the memorial costs. "The day that’s suppose to be filled with love and joy were unfortunately filled with sorrow and grief. Charese was a very loving and vibrant young lady who had a passion for children, she worked with children in the SSD and her children were her everything, she was always there for the people closest to her," stated the page.