Viral Photos Of Homeless Mother & Son Playing By The Road Shows "Happiness Is A Choice"

Viral Photos Of Homeless Mother & Son Playing By The Road Shows "Happiness Is A Choice"

It is hard for us to be happy and find joy in life but this mother son duo will teach us how to find happiness in small things regardless of our circumstances.

Our childhood memories are precious to us regardless of the resources we were offered. And regardless of what some may want to believe, parents try their best to create what they think would be a wonderful childhood for their kids, with whatever little they have. While some got pancakes and bacon for breakfast, their favorite candies and went on play dates, others had to wait for that special occasion like Christmas or birthdays to enjoy something nice. However, not every parent has the ability to do all the things they dreamt of for their kids due to their economic circumstances.  But nothing will stop them from trying hard to hear their child giggle and laugh whether they live on the road or in a castle. Recently, a man from the Philippines posted a photo of a young boy and his mother playing on the side of the road in the midst of heavy traffic. 

According to the Inquirer, Facebook user Ameniel Del Mundo spotted a child and mother, both of whom appeared to be homeless, happily playing on a traffic island while he was driving near the NAIA Expressway in Parañaque. The man who was touched by the scene posted the picture on his Facebook account and shared his thoughts behind it.

Del Mundo wrote, "Amidst poverty and without any material things, the mother and her son remains to be happy and content and could be seen playing around."


Del Mundo says he was lost in thoughts about work and business was very stressed. The moment he saw the mother playing with the kid on the road made him realize he was unreasonably stressed out even after being so comfortable in life. “I was stressed by some issues in my business when I saw the child playing with his mom and the mother grabbed the child and played with him as well. The two were playing happily at the island while I was grumbling about my situation inside the car,” told the man in an interview with Inquirer.  He also added that seeing them happy on the road made him think about motherly love and its power.

“I was suddenly reminded at how powerful a mother’s love toward her children has no need for material things,” said Del Mundo.


The man who was moved by the event was unable to talk to the mother and the son due to the moving traffic but hoped to see them soon. Being a frequent traveler along the same road, the determined man returned to the same spot to meet the mother-daughter duo. However, luck was not in his favor. 

“They might be moving around since I tried to came back on Friday and Saturdays, but they were nowhere to be found, will come back this week since I remember their faces very well,” he told the Inquirer. 

The Facebook post received that received 27K likes and 23K shares captured the attention of several people. One user commented," Proof that happiness is being with the people you love and not just having the material things in life," while another user said, "hope someone will give them a home."

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