Father Allegedly Suffoctes His 2 Kids To Death Pretending To Play Cops And Robbers

Father Allegedly Suffoctes His 2 Kids To Death Pretending To Play Cops And Robbers

He may face life imprisonment but his heinous crime may never wash off!

Trigger Warning: This article contains graphic details of abuse and murder

A father living in Regensburg, Germany, has allegedly killed his 2 kids while pretending to play cops and robbers, as reported by The Sun. A 37-year-old Heating Engineer Semir, killed his two children in what appears to be an act of revenge in an apartment in Schwarzach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 




He was ticked off by his estranged wife and had planned to commit suicide himself. He had, in fact, already written up a suicide note wherein he wrote: "Take care, see you in hell" and "The children are in heaven!" He also mentioned that he had been "replaced" as the children’s father figure, as his former wife had started a new life with another man. He wrote "I can't stand it when a stranger rules over my children" and "you preferred to go to the disco." 

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According to Chief Public Prosecutor Thomas Rauscher: "He did not want his children to live with Bianca’s new partner, to grow up with him and to be raised by him. The ice-cold murderer acted out of a selfish desire for power and possession over her." The man tried to kill himself by jumping in the river Danube but survived as he washed ashore. He was rescued and then arrested for the double murder. 

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According to the report, he has an extensive criminal record that goes back as far as 20 years ago when he was just a 17-year-old teenager. He is a known heroin user and had dropped out of school as well as multiple jobs. He had also been arrested earlier when he threatened to kill his wife's father in 2012. The records revealed that his relationship with his wife was always troubled and the couple had tried to separate from each other at least 5 times.

If convicted, he faces life imprisonment but that would not erase the fact that he is a father who murdered his own children in cold blood!