Dad Dies Saving His 11-Year-Old Girl In Plane Crash. He Hugged And Protected Her Until His Last Breath.

Dad Dies Saving His 11-Year-Old Girl In Plane Crash. He Hugged And Protected Her Until His Last Breath.

Mike Perdue embraced his 11-year-old daughter, Laney Perdue, who fortunately survived the horrific plane crash.

For parents, there's nothing more precious in this world than their kids. Often times they risk their life if it means saving their little one's and Mike Perdue is one of them. It was the doting father's embrace that helped his 11-year-old daughter, Laney Perdue, survive a horrific plane crash. According to PEOPLE, the devastating incident unfolded on November 12 near Michigan's Beaver Island. Mike Perdue, who bravely shielded his child as the light-commuter plane went down, was tragically one of four people whose life was rudely cut short. "He cradled her in his arms," revealed Mike's friend Ryan Wojan. "She doesn't remember anything, except for her daddy squeezing her so hard."

In a statement to ABC, the girl's mother, Christina Perdue, also shared that her daughter's final memory of the accident was seeing her dad protecting her. "It's her last memory before the crash," added Christina who has four kids with Mike. "We are heartbroken with the loss of my husband, a father, brother, son and friend. He gave the best bear hugs, and I believe he grabbed our daughter and protected her. Our prayers are also with our island community and the other souls lost in the accident." Wojan, who has been keeping in touch with Christina, said that the grieving widow "wanted to be sure that everyone knew who he was and how he gave his life for his daughter."

Image source: GoFundMe

Apparently, Laney sustained injuries on the opposite side of where Mike had been sitting on the plane. According to a GoFundMe page created to raise money for the family, Laney suffered "broken bones and injuries" and had to undergo two surgeries. But she is said to be in a stable condition at a children's hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Wojan, who worked with Mike at Smith Realty Group, described his friend as a "giver" and said, "He was always a giver... and was such an important part of the community."

The Britton-Norman BN2P plane reportedly crashed around 2:30 p.m. ET., revealed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In addition to Mike, who was a managing broker and co-owner of Smith Realty Group, Kate Leese, Adam Kendall, and the pilot died in the crash. A family member of Kate and Adam told CNN that the couple was taking their dogs, who died in the crash, to the vet when the crash happened. Having recently moved to Beaver Island, the two were working to build a vineyard on the small Upper Michigan island in the middle of Lake Michigan. 


Kate's devasted sister, Amanda Danielle Leese, told the outlet that the two were meant for each other. "Kate and Adam were meant for each other. They lived 20 lives in the time they knew each other. Kate was larger than life," expressed Amanda. "She wanted to experience the world. She wanted to taste it. She wanted to explore it and Adam was right there with her." As for Mike, he was supposed to meet Wojan on Beaver Island. The avid fishermen and hunters were all set for the opening day of firearm deer season before the tragedy happened. Mike's daughter was supposed to meet a family friend for the weekend

Wojan revealed that he flew to the Island on the same plane just three hours before the Perdues did. The fourth victim was the pilot, who hasn't been identified, according to Charlevoix County Sheriff Lieutenant William Church. The accident happened on Saturday as the twin-engine Britton-Norman BN-2 aircraft went down at the Welke Airport on Beaver Island. Apparently, the plane had been landing at the time of the crash, which is currently under investigation by the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board. 







Cover image source: GoFundMe | Prayers for Perdues