Fun Puzzle: Find The Bear Hiding Among The Reindeers

Fun Puzzle: Find The Bear Hiding Among The Reindeers

Puzzles are a great way to spend your time with your family.

With the pandemic still bothering our daily lives, many of us have forced ourselves to stay indoors despite wanting to step outside. Being indoors is surely not fun for most of us, but being safe is the number one priority. 

Puzzles and brain teasers are a great way to keep your mind busy in the right manner. Instead of thinking about all the things that are actually going wrong, you can bring all your focus to solving some of these fun challenges. So here is one such puzzle for you and your family to solve together. 

This holiday-themed puzzle designed by cartoonist Gergely Dudas will keep your minds occupied for the next couple of minutes.  Look at the image close,y and you can see a lot of reindeers along with a very excited looking Santa. Well, if you thought you had to spot the Santa, you are wrong. Instead, your task is to find the tiny bear hiding among the reindeers. 

Source: Gergely Dudas

This might take you a couple of attempts. Look closely; can you spot another animal in the puzzle? There is a bear somewhere in there, and he looks very much like the reindeer.  

Seems like you are still stuck. This time, I will help you with a clue. The bear is hiding towards the bottom of the puzzle. 

Did that help?

If you still looking, remember that bears don't have horns like reindeer do. 

Now, that should make it easier for you. You almost there, just spend a minute or so and you can find it.

If you still couldn't crack it, scroll down for the answer below.

Source: Gergely Dudas

Yes, the tiny beer was hiding right there. For those who found the animal, good work, and sharp eyes! And for those who did not spot the bear, it's ok. 

If you enjoyed that fun activity, you may want to try a couple more. Similar puzzles are available all over the internet. Additionally, you can also get books with a puzzle to solve every day.

Though it might have only engaged you for a couple of minutes, it took your mind off the mundane and negative thoughts.  Next time, you feel like you need to refocus, you can solve such puzzles. Besides, solving puzzles can be a great way to spend Sundays with your grandkids and kids as well.