George Michael donated over $122,000 Every Easter Anonymously | His Many Acts Of Kindness Were Revealed Only After He Died

George Michael donated over $122,000 Every Easter Anonymously | His Many Acts Of Kindness Were Revealed Only After He Died

George Michael never wanted to make his charities known to the world. But after her death, the world came to know of his good deeds.

The deeds done by an individual in a lifetime reflects the kind of person he or she is. No matter how many years may have gone by, they will still be treasured by the people who benefited from their generosity and kindness. And the truly humble will forever be remembered for their giving nature that came from the need to do good, and not to seek admiration. The late British pop singer, George Michael was one such person. Even two years after his death, reports about the singer-songwriter's generosity continue to emerge, showing a whole new side of the star very few were aware of.


Michael, who kept his philanthropy a private affair, made large donations to several organizations like Macmillan Cancer Support, Childline, and the London-based HIV-awareness organization Terrence Higgins Trust. The singer even donated royalties from his 1991 duet with Elton John Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me to a charity trust. Childline’s founder and president, Dame Esther Rantzen reportedly told the Guardian that the late singer donated the royalties from his 1996 hit, Jesus to a Child, to the organization. She even thanked him for his generosity over the years.

While the singer was part of the ensemble that performed Do They Know It’s Christmas? highlighting the famine in Ethiopia, George Michael also helped raise more than $23 million for the cause.


The late musician may be remembered for his romantic love songs, but the fortune his fame and name had generated was used to help those in desperate need of relief. According to the Guardian, after the death of the iconic singer in December 2016, tales of his generosity and humble nature are leaving people surprised.

Apart from the large donations, George Michael also held free performances to support charity causes. The singer, who had lost his mother to cancer in 1997, held a free concert for nurses as a thank you gesture. Over the course of his life, he had been part of big and small charities, most of which were done anonymously. With his towering success and fame bringing in more than what he needed, the star used his fortune to help the ones in need, and did not just focus on big charitable organizations. When he felt someone needed help, he contacted them and selflessly offered what he could.


TV host  Richard Osman revealed that the singer quietly helped a woman who needed IVF treatment after she appeared on the Deal or No Deal show. Author and journalist Sali Hughes also tweeted another tale of the singer's kindness. She said that Michael tipped a barmaid almost $6,000 after he came to know she was a nursing student in debt.


According to NPR, DJ Mick Brown from Capital Radio, Play Radio UK said when he would run a charity drive at Easter, George would call in every year, at the same time, with a 100,000-pound donation (more than $122,000 today; it would have been worth even more at previous exchange rates).



Not only did he give away money to anyone he saw truly needed it, the famed singer also used to volunteer for charities and at shelters. Actor Emilyne Mondo recalled an incident where he volunteered along with him in a homeless shelter. However, Michael who never wanted to make headlines for his charity, asked the authorities not to publicize it.

Celebrities like Michael are a rare find. Though we may not have known about these when he was alive, it is amazing to know that a man like him shared his success to be an angel for many in tough situations.