Groom Robs Bank A Day Before Wedding To Pay For Rings And Venue, But Lands Behind Bars Because Of Fiancée

Groom Robs Bank A Day Before Wedding To Pay For Rings And Venue, But Lands Behind Bars Because Of Fiancée

Heath Edward Bumpus robbed the bank and got away but his fiancée who recognized his face asked him to surrender.

We often dream of having everything the way we want, but sometimes, our circumstances may not be favorable. And to make sure the situation changes, we sometimes end up making some major errors in judgment. This was exactly what happened to a Texan man. All he wanted was a great wedding with his loved one.

Heath Edward Bumpus of Crockett was one day away from his dream wedding with fiancée Dione Traylor. However, Bumpus faced financial struggles and could not pay for the wedding ring and the venue. He saw no way out decided to do something that proved to be the biggest mistake of his life. On 4 October 2019, Bumpus drove down 30-minutes away from his home town and robbed the Citizens State Bank in Groveton at 11:30 AM, according to Daily Mail. He approached the bank teller and threatened the man with a gun asking him for money. He even confessed to the teller that he was going through a hard time finding the money for his wedding the following day.


After getting the money, Bumpus drove back home and even threw his clothes off the window to destroy evidence. However, nothing turned out the way he wanted despite getting the cash. 

The bank filed a complaint and the investigations were carried out and the police discovered his clothes. The officers then circulated the CCTV footage from the bank online. Unfortunately, his fiancée came across the video and immediately recognized his face. The paramedic asked her fiancée to turn himself to the police.


He listened to Traylor and appeared at the  Houston County Courthouse. He confessed to his crime and was arrested. "His fiancée, who he was supposed to marry tomorrow, was able to get in touch with him on the phone when she saw our post on Facebook. She knew it was him. She contacted him and asked him if he robbed a bank... she convinced him that she knew it was him," said Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace to KTRE News.

He further added, "His picture was all on Facebook. He needed to turn himself in. He is now in custody. He has been charged with aggravated robbery. The district attorney has accepted the charges. It will go to a grand jury and he will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law."


The Sheriff also informed that most of the stolen money was recovered. However, it is not clear if the couple would reunite in a marriage after their canceled wedding.