Groom Couldn’t ‘Say His Vows’ After His Drink Was Spiked on Wedding Day | Was Done Intentionally to ‘Party Harder'

Groom Couldn’t ‘Say His Vows’ After His Drink Was Spiked on Wedding Day | Was Done Intentionally to ‘Party Harder'

Brandy made the video to raise "awareness to the fatal consequences" of mixing Adderall with alcohol.

There is rarely any wedding celebration where everything goes on perfectly without any hick-ups. While obstacles related to dissatisfied friends and relatives are bearable, what happened at one of the weddings was simply dangerous. The groom's drink was poisoned, a woman said in a video she uploaded to warn people about safeguarding their drinks at social gatherings. As a result, her husband was unable to talk on their wedding day. 

Brandy explained that she wants to raise "awareness to the fatal consequences" of "having his drink spiked with crushed Adderall." The Kentucky resident stated that ultimately her husband, Billy, was checked by a medical professional and he recovered. However, the incident spoilt their big day, reports Lab Bible. She was anxious that he would faint and fall down the mountain.



She wrote in the TikTok video, "His heart was racing, his brain was moving faster than he could form words, he tried saying his vows to me but was unable to think. His emotions [were] heightened." Brandy went on to say that people at the wedding purposefully mixed alcohol and Adderall "in order to party harder and longer," and that they spiked other guests' drinks in the hopes that they would stay up all night with them. 

Adderall is a stimulant medication used to treat adults and children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). While there hasn't been much research on how the medicine interacts with alcohol, it has the potential to create complications, per WebMD. It can cause alcohol poisoning, nausea, dehydration, and it hurts reaction time, vision, and coordination. In some rare cases, mixing these substances can cause strokes and seizures.



They realized what was happening only after Billy was tested for drugs. The person responsible was located and 'dealt with' after an investigation by the Parkside Resort in Tennessee.

After learning about the couple's harrowing encounter, NightCap sent them a few of its scrunchie drink covers, which work as a hairband and can also be used to cover cups and glasses to prevent pills and powders from being mixed into a drink. 

Brandy ended the video with a "f**k you" to the culprit for "causing such trauma to my family." 

Several others recounted their personal experiences with combining the two substances. One user commented, "I did this in college (my own prescription) & it was the worse. I thought I was gonna die - I’m so mad this happened to y’all on your wedding." NightCap responded to the tweet by praising Brandy for "spreading awareness." Parkside Resort commented, "So glad we could assist!!! And so happy Billy is okay. We love you both!!!!"




Cover Image Source: TikTok/brandy_billi