Helpless 8-YO Cuddled & Slept Next To Lifeless Body Of His Pregnant Mom For Hours Without Realizing She Had Died

Helpless 8-YO Cuddled & Slept Next To Lifeless Body Of His Pregnant Mom For Hours Without Realizing She Had Died

Ashley M. Garcia is remembered as a great mother by her family. They hope she gets the justice she deserves.

Trigger warning: Contains details of physical abuse that may be distressing to some

One child slept with the lifeless body of his mother thinking she was just fast asleep. Ashley M. Garcia was beaten to death by her boyfriend, Alexis Armando Rojas-Mendez at her apartment in the 5500 block of De Soto Street, Houston on September 19, 2020.

Her 8-year-old boy dozed next to her after the murderer convinced him not to disturb his mother, according to Click2Houston. He told him that she was just sleeping.


However, when the little boy woke up in the morning, he realized his mother was still asleep. Determined to wake her up, the little boy went out to their neighbors to ask for help. At the end of it, he realized his mother had died.

The mother of three, who was also seven weeks pregnant was found dead by the investigators. On inspecting the apartment, the officers found the walls and floors of Ashley's home spattered with blood. She was found to have suffered from a blunt force trauma to her head and body.


When asked, the 8-year-old informed the police that he witnessed his mother's boyfriend assaulting her. Describing the horrific events to the police, the innocent child told them that the man used his steel-toe work boots to hit the pregnant lady before leaving their apartment.

The neighbors of the family also told the police that they saw the man abusing the woman. A neighbor stated that the man forced the pregnant woman and the child into a jeep with him. However, the woman refused to get in. This in turn resulted in violence.

The man dragged the woman to the third floor and later murdered her. Based on the evidence gathered, Houston police are searching for the boyfriend, who has been charged with murder.

According to People, the boyfriend fled the scene soon after the incident. He contacted her sisters and told them he was going out of town for a job. Though he asked them for money, they refused to give him a loan. Recalling the last conversation, the sisters told investigators that he sounded "stressed out" on the phone.


Meanwhile, the family of the deceased hopes Ashley receives the justice she deserves. β€œI have so many mixed emotions. I am sad, I am angry, I just want justice for her, that’s all I want, I want her to be at peace," said Ashley's sister Yessenia, according to 2ClickHouston. She reminisced how Ashley was a wonderful mother. She also stated that her kids carried some of her traits. β€œYou know, those kids are so much like her, it’s crazy,” said Yessenia. A private funeral was organized for the mother of three.

On the other hand, police have asked the public to pass on any information that would help them capture the killer. The Houston Police Department Homicide Division at (713) 308-3600 or Crime Stoppers at (713) 222-TIPS can be contacted in case of any information, according to KHOU.


However, such cases are not one of a kind. Similar incidents of violence and abuse against women have increased during the pandemic. With many working from homes, women have found it extremely tough to escape their abusers.