It Is Important To Be The "Mean Mom" Sometimes, Because I Want To Bring Up My Children The Right Way

It Is Important To Be The "Mean Mom" Sometimes, Because I Want To Bring Up My Children The Right Way

Parenting is a challenging job. While you want to see your children smile, you also want them to be obedient and responsible human beings.

My world revolves around my kids and their needs. They are my first thought every morning and the last thought before I catch a 4-5 hours sleep after an exceedingly tiring day. However, my relationship with my kids is complex. One minute they are smothering me with love and the next second,  they are crying with anger. I am a supermom with the ability to be loving, nagging and irritating all at once. But, I often wonder if I am being a little too hard on them?

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I believe I am a laid back parent who maintains a perfect balance. I give them time to watch their favorite cartoons, allow them to grab junk snacks at the store and even say yes to sleepovers. There are times when I excuse them in spite of tripping over their legos and walking into their messy closet. I clean up their mess and carry on with the day. However, I am not ready to raise a*****es who feel it's ok to do anything and live however they want. This is the only thought that makes me want to set some rules.

After all, I don't believe it's wrong to ask them to tidy their messy bedrooms or to put their plate in the sink after dinner. I want them to learn that a certain level of discipline like tidying up after themselves will help them when they go out to live by themselves. It will teach my children that they are responsible for their own things. And, it will also teach them to be considerate of those around them.

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My children hate it. They cry sometimes and even scream. But that does not stop me from what they refer to as "silly rules". They compare my parenting to their friend's mother, tells me their friends are allowed to do that and this. They try to convince me that its ok to go to school without their homework or stay up late at night. But, I don't budge because I am not raising a group of careless, undisciplined children.

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Though I don't want to see my children crying and whining all the time. How can I agree with their argument against brushing their teeth in the morning? That is when I feel being a mean mom is not a bad idea. I am not saying I am an unapproachable mother. My kids can come to me for anything. I will always be there to guide them emotionally and mentally. But I will never stop enforcing things that would help them become better people.

I just want them to be kind, considerate and understanding children. And that would not come easy. It means I should be ready to be labeled as their "mean" mom at times. I will continue telling them until they take responsibility for their actions. I might be able to be called their friend. The fact is I don't want to be their friend. Because unlike their friends, I would not give a green light to their mischief. I might be annoying all throughout the day but I am just doing my job as their loving mother who only wants good things to happen to them.