Insensitive Mother Asks Son To Get A New Wife With A "Working Reproductive System" After He Asked Her Money For IVF

Insensitive Mother Asks Son To Get A New Wife With A "Working Reproductive System" After He Asked Her Money For IVF

The frustrated man cut ties with his mother. He stated he was always treated unfairly by her.

Though many parents say they don't have a favorite child, they do. However, letting your child know that they have a second place in your life is not want anyone deserves. Not only will it break them but they will also develop animosity towards their parent.

One man took to Reddit to share a shocking incident with the users. When he thought his parents would help him during his tough time, he was left disappointed. 

The man told users that he married his wife at the age of 23. He stated that she meant everything to him. Further, he added that they have been trying for a baby but were unlucky. "She means the world to me and then some and I love this woman. We’ve helped each other grow over the years and about a year ago we decided to start trying for a baby," wrote the man on Reddit. 

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After a year of no progress, the couple consulted a doctor. Upon examination, they found that the only possible way to become parents was through IVF. However, the couple soon realized they didn't have the financial capacity to fund the treatment.

"Found out that there’s a 99.9% chance that she’ll not be able to conceive naturally and that IVF is our best and only real option. So we started looking into the cost of that and we cannot swing it with our own money, we just bought a house together. We don’t have any extra spending money, though we both have great jobs," wrote the 27-year-old man.

He decided to ask his parents for help as they were financially sound and had helped his older sister with her IVF just two years ago. Though he was initially positive, his mother's reactions left him speechless.

"She laughed in my face. Told me she only paid for my sisters because that’s her real daughter and that my “girlfriend” should ask her mom (she knows she passed away, she was being a smart ass)," wrote the man. Added to that, the insensitive mother went on to say, "find another wife that has a “working reproductive system”. 

The comments left the man flabbergasted. He felt he and his wife were disrespected and told his mother that he no longer intended to stay in touch with them. "I told them I was done with them, that the comments they made were disgusting and that they SHOULD be treating my wife like she’s their daughter. That this is for me as well and that it’s bullshit," wrote the man, according to Reddit. 

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He added that his parents were very wealthy and sponsoring his wife's treatment was not a big deal for them if they wanted to. "Keep in mind, my parents are very wealthy people. I know they can afford it and it wouldn’t make a dent in their wallet. They just don’t want to help us. She’s always had some personal vendetta against my wife are I say it’s because she’s not fully white?)," said the upset son. 

He went to say that his family and friends are siding with his parents and blaming him for cutting ties with them. He then turned to Reddit users for advice.

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He later updated the post and told users how he was always treated unfairly by his mother. "My entire life, my sister's needs have been prioritized over my own and this was the last straw. I may seem entitled but I finally got the balls to ask my mom for fair treatment and was extremely let down by her response." wrote the man. 

He stated that his parents were always generous when it came to his sister and neglected him throughout.  "This was absolutely not the first time things like this have happened. They paid for all of my sisters wedding, most they did for mine was buy the tux. I haven’t asked my parents for a thing in a long time. I’m still currently paying off my student loans because I didn’t even want to ask them," wrote the frustrated man. He added, "I haven’t received a hand out from my parents since I was 18 and asked for money for a new transmission for my car. It’s not a new thing which makes it worse."

Users, who read his story sided and sympathized with his situation. They thought his mother was rude. Moreover, he applauded him for standing up for his wife. "I too am happy OP stood up to his mother. He MUST support his wife, and that's what he's done. Well done to you, sir, whatever happens next. I wish you the best of luck," wrote one.