Artist's Illustrations About Life With His Wife & What Marriage Looks Like In Reality Is The Most Relatable Thing

Artist's Illustrations About Life With His Wife & What Marriage Looks Like In Reality Is The Most Relatable Thing

Artist Yehuda and Maya Devir keep marriage and romance real and on point through their entertaining sketches.

After the initial few years of the relationship, long after the passion of the honeymoon period has taken a backseat, two people meant to be together, share a love that's not always easy to describe in words. For many, you will see signs of lasting love in the smaller things you do together. It may be silly but they are all part of the great memories we would want to cherish forever. From moving in together, to deciding what to watch on TV to the constant war for the blanket, these events are inevitable in a long-term relationship.

And artists who have mastered their skill will use it to showcase it to the world. Here is a couple who decided to capture their life moments into funny, creative sketches.

Artist Yehuda Devir and wife Maya are the creators of the comic series “One of Those Days.” The couple inspired from their daily lives captures these events into illustrations with exaggerated elements that will make you laugh out loud. Not only are they married, but they also work well together as a team. Based in Israel, Yehuda and Maya work on the series together. While the husband illustrates the special moments they share together, his wife adds the artistic elements, deciding details such as colors and typography. Married since 2016, the Devirs says that they have had their challenges but the long hours of teamwork have made them stronger. 

1. We have all been there. Hair, hair everywhere



2. Those lazy days together


3. Nothing beats his warm embrace when you're sick


4. Ready to offer more than just a helping hand


5. The eternal struggle of living together


6. If I eat healthy, you do too!


7. Morning hair don't care


The couple who have always put out their lives in the form of humorous and relatable sketches did the same announcing their pregnancy. And with an Instagram family of 4.6 million followers (at the time of publishing this article) they announced it in a wonderful way.

8. The big news!



Being a true illustrator, Yehuda captured every event that led to the pregnancy starting from Maya's ovulation operation, her seducing techniques to hugging each other when their efforts paid off. The hilarious creations that depicted every struggle and all the precious moments a couple shares during pregnancy were posted on their Instagram page. "The pregnancy time puts us in new situations we never imagined we would find ourselves in. This experience shapes us very much and makes you see new and beautiful aspects of your partner,” told Yehuda to HuffPost.

9. Planning is key


10. When all you want to do is help



11. Take any road, just achieve the goal!



12. That's her new table


13. Not the art of seduction you're used to



14. Cravings are unavoidable


15. And there is our little one


16. This struggle is real!


17. Whatever happens, we will always have time to laugh


18. It's time to run


19. And there is our little princess


20. The joy of watching a new father change diapers