Japanese Schools Banned From Creepy Practice Of Checking Students’ Underwear Color

Japanese Schools Banned From Creepy Practice Of Checking Students’ Underwear Color

It is said that staff members often tug on female students’ bra straps or monitor them while they change to check their underwear

In case you weren't aware of it, Japanese schools are known to have some really weird rules. They have quite the reputation of enforcing them with some outrageous justifications. One such rule which is not only shocking but equally creepy is that students in Japan are required to wear all-white underwear. Many probably wouldn't believe such a thing would exist but it does and much to our relief, it has now been reported that Japanese schools have been banned from checking student's underwear colour, according to FemPositive

Representational photo (Getty Images) / Photo by Ryuhei Shindo

Apparently, this particular rule has been enforced to horrifying effect in many Japanese schools. To ensure these 'rules' are being followed, it is said that staff members in certain schools engage in some really creepy behaviour such as tugging on female students’ bra straps or monitoring them while they change into their sports outfits to see whether they wear all-white underwear, reported FemPositive. Many that had raised their voices against this are now relieved as there have been some rule changes in the last few months. This comes after millions of Japanese citizens called for the policies that infringe on privacy and potentially violate human rights to be erased. Most of all many called this a form of "authorized abuse". 

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It has been reported that Saga prefecture’s board (Japanese governing body) addressed the regulations and finally came to an agreement to abolish the dated policies. This means that from the beginning of the 2021 school year, there will no longer be any checks on the colour of the students’ underwear. Apart from this, it has been announced that many 'dated' rules that exist within the Japanese education system will be done away with as well such as the prohibition of using lap warmers or disallowing character straps on school bags and strict colours for socks and sweaters. The schools have unanimously agreed that the students should be allowed to make such decisions for themselves without any harm to their academic results reported FemPositive