How Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Kept Spark Alive For 35 Years & "More In Love Than Ever”, Despite Taking Care Of 19 Children

How Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Kept Spark Alive For 35 Years & "More In Love Than Ever”, Despite Taking Care Of 19 Children

"We're like a newlywed couple every day!" Jim Bob said about the way they feel about each other after three and a half decades.

"We are more in love today than when we married almost 32 years ago! By God's grace, our marriage is the strongest and sweetest it has ever been!" wrote Jim Bob in a Facebook post in 2016, showing the world how two people can still keep the romantic spark alive even after three long decades of marriage and raising a big brood of 19 children.


Years before, when Michelle was just 15, Jim Bob and a mutual friend of theirs had landed up at her front door while they were going door-to-door with visitation cards from their church. "They invited me to Sunday school and talked to me about my commitment I'd made. I remember talking to the friend, but not to Jim Bob," Michelle told Love To Know. "To this day, he says that when he met me, after he left, he prayed at the doorway: 'Lord, I would love to be her spiritual leader. Can she be mine?' Jim Bob never forgot me and kept praying for me and our possible future together."


About a year later, Michelle was hired to work at the yogurt shop that Jim Bob's mother managed. With time, "our hearts were knit together. We graduated high school in May of 1984 and were married in July. I was 17 and Jim Bob was 19," Michelle said.


Ever since then, they have stuck together and raised a family, completing 35 blissful years of marriage and still counting. "We're like a newlywed couple every day!" Jim Bob told Today Moms about their relationship.


Keeping up with the needs of their 19 children hasn't stopped them from being romantic with each other. They still steal kisses in the kitchen and send each other texts to remind them how much they love each other. "That's key in a relationship, the husband needs to cherish his wife and always treat his wife like a queen," said Jim Bob.

They never hesitate to take time out for each other and when Saturday comes around, the two of them head out for a date. "It's a really special time," Jim Bob revealed in their 2014 interview. Michelle's favorite ice-cream spot is one of their regular spots for a date.


Over the course of three and a half decades, the 54-year-old husband and 53-year-old wife have shared so much with each other and let each other in on their innermost feelings. "He shares his heart with me, his struggles, his fears, and his dreams," Michelle revealed. "Many men would not do that, but God's word says that before honor comes humility. When he learns to humble himself before God and me, it builds him up so much in my eyes."


While they have shared great times together, the two of them have admitted that they, too, have difficult times in their marriage. "There are going to be those times in your marriage where you might not always agree; you might not see things eye to eye and sometimes you may need a trusted third party to be a counsel for you in your marriage," Michelle wrote in her blog. "Feel free to go to that trusted wise counsel that you both respect and get counsel when you need it."


Through the good and bad, they haven't left each other's side and are still going strong after many, many years. Now, they are "more in love than ever!" they wrote.

In an Instagram post that Jim Bob wrote for Valentine's Day, he said,  "One of the things we’ve learned as a couple is that no matter how many children you have, or how busy you get, you have to continue to place a high priority on your marriage. Don’t neglect it. Don’t take it for granted. I always tell husbands, 'Continue to date and romance your wife. Make sure she knows how special she is.' Love you Michelle."