Judge Amy Coney Barrett Joins US Supreme Court With Senate's Confirmation Vote

Judge Amy Coney Barrett Joins US Supreme Court With Senate's Confirmation Vote

Judge Amy Coney Barrett's appointment comes just a week before the presidential election.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett will fill the seat left behind by the late liberal icon, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. According to NPR, Barrett's appointment to the Supreme Court was confirmed after the US Senate Republicans voted in favor of her nomination on October 26, 2020. The Republicans voted 52 - 48 and overcame the opposition posed by the Democrats. Senator Susan Collins is the only Republican who voted against Barrett's nomination.


Later, Barrett who was nominated by President Donald Trump took the constitutional oath at a ceremony held on the south lawn of the White House. According to CNN, she was sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas. Following the ceremony, the 48-year-old addressed fellow Americans and said she would work “independently” without the influence of any particular political or personal ideologies.


“My fellow Americans — even though we judges don’t face elections. We still work for you. It is your Constitution that establishes the rule of law and the judicial independence that is so central to it. The oath that I have solemnly taken tonight means at its core that I will do my job without any fear or favor and that I will do so independently of both the political branches and of my own preferences,” said Barrett, according to CNN.


She also thanked the President for the nomination and referred to the process as "rigorous." "It’s a privilege to be asked to serve my country in this office and I stand here tonight truly honored and humbled," said Barrett.


The President also congratulated Barrett and told her that the American people have put their trust in her.

"Justice Barrett made clear she will issue rulings based solely upon a faithful reading of the law and the Constitution as written not legislate from the bench. As you take your oath tonight, the legacy of our ancestors falls to you. The American people put their trust in you and their faith in you as you take up the task of defending our laws, our Constitution, and this country we all love," said the President, according to CNN. 

Barrett's position in the Supreme Court has pushed it to a more conservative direction with a 6 - 3 conservative majority in the nine-membered high court. Her vote will have major implications on a wide variety of issues ranging from abortion laws to the future of the Affordable Care Act.