Julia Roberts' Stunning Transformation From A Small Town Girl To America's Sweetheart

Julia Roberts' Stunning Transformation From A Small Town Girl To America's Sweetheart

She's a natural actor who's had her fair share of ups and downs. Today, Julia Roberts continues to be one of the leading faces of Hollywood and a glowing mother at 51.

With her bright and wide smile, shiny auburn hair and acting skills, Julia Roberts has forever been our "Pretty Woman". Her charm, style, and beauty have never failed to appeal to viewers around the world. But just like every other artist, this sophisticated actress too had a journey that shaped her into a successful woman and a proud mother of three.  

Raised in a small town in Georgia as the youngest among three, Julie was always surrounded by creative people. Her parents were both actors who also ran workshops for writers and actors. Though acting was surely in her blood, little Julie had other interests. As a child, she had wanted to become a veterinarian but soon changed her mind after graduating from Campbell High School in 1985.

Julia then moved to New York along with her siblings to pursue her career in acting just like everyone in her family. However, leaving her small town had a negative effect on the teenage girl. "I spent a lot of time by myself and I was just lonely, and the city was so fast and big. And so I would get on the phone with my mom crying, 'I wanna come home,'" said Julia in an interview with CBS. Soon life took a different spin for the homesick teenager when she appeared on the television series Crime Story. And nothing could stop the public from falling for the new star. 

1.The young girl from Georgia 


2.  The teenager from Mystic Pizza


3. Our Pretty Woman 


4. The pixie cut 


5. America's Sweetheart indeed



6. As the brave Erin Brockovich


Julia rose to stardom when she starred in movies like Mystic Pizza, Steel Magnolias and Pretty Woman. By then the stunning actress had already become America's sweetheart. Fans who loved her thought nobody could play a character as relatable as Julia. Her early success made her a household name. Julie Roberts also became the first woman in Hollywood to earn a $20 million with her movie Erin Brockovich. Over the years the actress has gifted us with numerous hit movies each with a different sense of style and grace.

However, trouble did follow her. During the making of the movie, I Love Trouble in 1994, there were numerous rumors that the actress could not get along with the co-star Nick Nolte. "I don't know what I've already said about I Love Trouble, other than that it was a piece of sh*t. It's no secret that Nick and I didn't get along like a house on fire," told Julia to Vanity Fair. With the turn of events not in her favor, the actress decided to step away from public life. However, gossip followed her everywhere; though it could not keep the stunning actress hidden for long. Soon she made her come back in a blonde look. She became the queen of romantic comedies and her fame grew out of control with paparazzi everywhere.

7. The lovestruck best friend


8. As a loving Stepmom


9. As Anna Scott in the iconic rom-com Notting Hill


10. The Runaway Bride


In 2000, the American sweetheart fell in love with Danny Moder. The pair got married after two years of dating at a midnight ceremony in 2002.  “When I think about what makes my life my life, and make sense and just shine inside of me, it’s him. Everything has come from that,” told Julia to Harper's Bazaar quoted Goodfullness
Today, Julia is the mother of three children, her twins Phinnaeus and Hazel and her son Henry. Being a busy working mum, she prefers spending quality time with her kids away from the public's eye. “We try to protect our kids. We just want to have our family life and not have that intruded upon,” said Julia to Goodfullness. 

11. When she finally fell in love


12.  17 years and counting


13. And when she finally became a mother


14.  Picture perfect.


15. With a smile that never quits