Princess Kate Middleton to Inherit Queen’s $110M jewelry While Meghan Markle to Get ‘Nothing of Value’: Report

Princess Kate Middleton to Inherit Queen’s $110M jewelry While Meghan Markle to Get ‘Nothing of Value’: Report

An anonymous source took time out to share how the inner workings of the will and how that will benefit the Royal Women.

The royal family is currently going through a tough period with their long-reigning monarch passing suddenly, which is why this occasion becomes a treasure trove of information to be dug into, and this time, they have chosen jewels, quite literally. News publication RadarOnline.com got in touch with a source ready to dish out some private and concerning details about the will of late HM Queen Elizabeth II. Setting up some context, the internet has taken an irrational dislike for Meghan Markle, especially after the Duke and Duchess decided to leave the royal family and do their own thing in Los Angeles. Kate Middleton and Prince William have become heroes carrying the family’s legacy on their own now that the younger brother has chosen to take a different route. The anonymous source in the article exposed this divide that has been harrowing netizens for a while. They have mentioned how Kate Middleton will essentially be receiving all the jewels (amounting to $110 million) while Meghan is set to receive ‘nothing of value.’



The will was set to be a last-minute change from the Queen’s side. Queen Camilla has also been left out from the bulk of a large amount of jewelry that is to be passed on. “Kate is clearly the family favorite,” an anonymous source mentioned. It is also reported that there are tensions between Queen Consort Camilla and Princess Kate Middleton. Due to Middleton’s position in the family, it is assumed that all the love for her from the family will be translated to some monetary incentive. “She'd never say it, of course," said the source, "but it's one of the reasons Camilla resented Kate.” Camilla will not be the one slighted by this internal conflict. It is presumed that the Duke and Duchess’ daughter Lilibet will also not be receiving any jewels mentioned above.

“There's a very good chance the Queen won't leave either of them any jewels of value,” they confirmed. While the Prince and Princess of Wales are not concerned with their standing with the family, they are worried about Lilibet possibly not receiving anything. “As for Meghan, she's not their concern,” they succinctly mentioned. The source explains the logic behind this decision saying, “Some people think it won't be out of spite, but practicality. Others say it would be the Queen sending a message to Meghan and Harry: You reap what you sow.”



However, the jewels that often come to mind are pillaged from colonies that request them back. The people robbed and left in these countries now suffer the grave consequences of being colonized. Additionally, the royal family has yet to answer for the crimes they had committed as original colonizers. Now that the last colonizing monarch has passed away, many netizens from around the world are demanding their belongings back.

Apart from the Kohinoor campaign started by Indian social media users, other relics like the Rosetta Stone, the Elgin marbles from Greece, the Great Star of Africa and Tipu Sultan’s ring are just some of the artifacts either adorning some part of the palace or displayed in the British Museum. A human rights activist and journalist Peter Tatchell spoke to Insider about the royal family’s insistence on not acknowledging their past. “The UK's system of an inherited head of state is racist by default,” Tatchell said. “The title of head of state is bestowed on the first-born descendants in each successive generation of the all-white royal family. A non-white person is therefore excluded from holding the title of head of state, at least for the foreseeable future. This is institutional racism.”



Instead of the inane comparison between the two royals, it would be more interesting to examine the jewels and place their values in lieu of their colonial past. 



Cover Image Source: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attend the Royal Box during Day twelve of The Championships - Wimbledon 2019 (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)