Keanu Reeves Spotted Enjoying Ice Cream Alone In Video, After Being In News For Stepping Out With New Girlfriend

Keanu Reeves Spotted Enjoying Ice Cream Alone In Video, After Being In News For Stepping Out With New Girlfriend

There is no actor who has been praised for their humility like Keanu Reeves. The actor who was spotted by a fan took a photo with her after enjoying his ice cream.

It is not very often we spot people with fame and wealth indulging in simple joys of life such as enjoying a hamburger at a local McDonalds or drinking coffee at a local park. We imagine them to enjoy a high-end lifestyle, everything served at to them by their entourage. However, some celebrities are different and Keanu Reeves is surely on top of the list. Over the years, the actor has been praised several times for his simple lifestyle and his down-to-earth attitude to everyone including his fans. This time is no different. The actor was seen enjoying an ice cream by a local Baskin Robbins. 

According to People, Keanu Reeves was seen enjoying icecream alone just outside the Baskin Robbins in Alameda on Blanding Avenue. Unlike most celebrities, the humble 55-year-old casually walked into the shop and ordered a scoop of ice cream on the cone. Ice cream store employee Abby who works at the store confirmed that he came around 5 pm on 6 January 2020. She also added that her colleague served him the icecream and was surprised to see the actor casually ordering a dessert at the shop. He “freaked out after he served him. He didn’t know how to act,” said Abby to KTVU


Abby also stated that the actor was generous with his tip and put a large amount into their tip jar. The Matrix star was then spotted enjoying his cone outside the store, by a Twitter user @happynibbamoy.

She immediately took a video of the actor casually enjoying his treat at an hour that almost looked like a sunset. She also took a picture with him. The woman then went on to post the star enjoying his alone time. Twitter users were quick to comment on the video and the picture.

For obvious reasons, they were shocked to see him outside unbothered with an icecream cone. "He’s filming the next Matrix in the Bay Area. He’s legit just a nice guy who does normal stuff like getting ice cream on a Monday," wrote one fan. Another commented, "pretty much the best video on the internet."

However, there were a few who wanted people to leave him alone. One wrote, "Let the guy enjoy the ice cream."  another said, "What about just let him enjoy his ice cream in peace? Think about it, every time you take a moment for yourself, someone came and disturbed you. Especially when you want a moment with an ice cream."

For many, it was not surprising to see Keanu enjoy the lighter things in life. They appreciated him and his wonderful personality. They even wished if other celebrities were like him. "If only more stars were like this , super humble,super nice When he is in london he takes the underground , even giving up his seat to somebody who needs it..(sic)," wrote a Twitter user. 

The last time, the actor made headlines after appearing with his lady love, Alexandra Grant onto the red carpet at the LACMA Art + Film event in LA. Anyways, Keanu is one of those rare actors who make headlines for all the right reasons.