Kelly Clarkson Says "Hardest" Part Of Divorce Is Worrying About The Tiny Hearts Of Her Little Kid | "It's Horrible"

Kelly Clarkson Says "Hardest" Part Of Divorce Is Worrying About The Tiny Hearts Of Her Little Kid | "It's Horrible"

The 'Stronger' hitmaker won tfhe primary custody of her kids recently.

Divorce is a painful process and it is even worse when it involves children. Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock are going through a messy divorce after almost 7 years together. Over the past few months, Clarkson has been opening up about the reasons for her decision to separate from Blackstock. Recently, she talked about the hardest part of her divorce. 

According to Glamour, Clarkson stated the divorce is especially tough because of the involvement of kids. She said, "I'm obviously going through [a divorce] right now…. It's horrible. There are so many hard parts. The hardest for me is the kids, that's the hardest for me. I think as women, especially, we're trained to take it all on and you can deal with it and you're fine, but it's your babies you worry about." 


The 38-year-old singer further claimed that although she knew divorce was going to be difficult for their children, she decided to go forward to show them what happiness really is. “That's what I needed to see to make a step in my own life. I realized this isn't happiness, and we both deserve better,” Clarkson said.

“Neither one of us would want this for our children. Reading that line so hit home for me, not selfishly but for the family. It's like, I don't want this for everyone in this scenario right now," she added.

Clarkson filed for divorce in June 2020. The singer who shares two children, daughter River Rose, 6, and son Remington Alexander, 4, with Blackstock, has always prioritized them. 


"Definitely didn't see anything coming that came, but what I'm dealing with is hard — it involves more than just my heart, it involves a lot of little hearts," said the singer. She added, "We have four kids and divorce is never easy. We're both from divorced families. We know the best thing here is to protect our children and their little hearts."

Speaking to Today, Clarkson stated that she provided some extra support for the kids to understand what their parents were going through. "We have a lot of help as far as therapists or child psychologists because we want to do it right," said the singer. 


Recently, the singer won the primary custody of her kids. According to PEOPLE, the court asked Blackstock to visit their children on alternate weekends at Clarkson's Woodvale residence for "visitation and parenting time." 

"The Court finds that under the circumstances present in this case, the interest in providing stability and continuity for the minor children weighs in favor of Petitioner having primary custody," said the document, alluding to Clarkson. 



Previously, a source stated that Blackstock wanted their kids to travel back and forth from Los Angeles to Montana or stay in Montana despite knowing Clarkson works and stays in LA. Additionally, Blackstock demanded $436,000 in monthly spousal and child support.