Kind Coffee Shop Owner Closes Own Business To Keep Cancer-stricken Competitor's Shop Open, So That He Can Afford Treatment

Kind Coffee Shop Owner Closes Own Business To Keep Cancer-stricken Competitor's Shop Open, So That He Can Afford Treatment

Neither money nor her business stood in the way of Pixie Adams. She selflessly volunteered to help Dave while he is undergoing treatment.

It is not very often that we come across people who are kind enough to forget their own priorities. Such selfless acts are a rare find in today's world. However, some incidents give us a much-needed ray of hope. They make us realize that generosity and kindness can sometimes change the world. A recent tale from Oregon is such a kind.

Dave McAdams along with his wife Tina McAdams began their coffee shop, The Local Coffee Company in December 2018. Their coffee shop located in the parking lot outside The Bomber, just off of SE McLoughlin Boulevard was doing well until a recent turn of events.

According to KATU, Dave was diagnosed with terminal cancer and the family was forced to spend their time in hospice care, shutting down their business for days. "He was diagnosed with cancer for the third time -- this time, unfortunately, was inoperable. Unfortunately, he’ll be leaving in a few weeks," said his wife Tina.


However, one kind woman stepped in to help the family who was going through a rough patch. Pixie Adams, who ran the Moonlight Coffee café on another side of town, decided to come to the family's risk. Rather than leaving Dave and his family to cope up with the expensive medical bills alone, Pixie decided to do a selfless deed. Pixie made sure Dave's business was open and serving customers than being closed because of his absence. She gave up her coffee shop and began volunteering at Dave's shop for free to help him have a stable income to go through with all the treatments. She also wanted to make sure that his family did not struggle financially after his passing.


"I am here supporting them trying to generate attention for their business... to help make sure that after Dave is gone, they still have the ability to keep the coffee place open."

Rather than thinking about the business profits that she could make while Dave's coffee shop was closed, the lady cared more about Dave, who is well known in his community. Dave is loved by everybody and is known to run a non-profit that coaches youth baseball. "It’s supposed to be friendship over business, community over competition," said the generous woman.

It is amazing to see how Pixie gave up her business hours just to work for another family and their welfare. Such deeds are indeed commendable.