Television Legend Norman Lear Turns 100 and Sang “That’s Amore” | “We Live in the Moment”

Television Legend Norman Lear Turns 100 and Sang “That’s Amore” | “We Live in the Moment”

He has been praised for the confronting social issues in his episodes.

Norman Lear is smiling with joy after reaching a significant life milestone revealing what life truly means to him, as well as one of his favorite songs. 

With the help of his daughter, Kate, the TV producer and writer celebrated his 100th birthday on Instagram, per TMZ. He opened with a snippet of Dean Martin's "That's Amore" before thanking his fans for all their wishes and support. Norman considers it a wonder to be alive in these times, with everything that has been accessible to us, and feels that living in the present moment is one of the most essential things anybody can do. 

He did an interview with The Washington Post and he said that the meaning of life, "can be expressed in one word: tomorrow." When asked if he has any advice for people who want to stand out, "There are two little words we don’t pay enough attention to: over and next. When something is over, it is over and we are on to next. Between those words, we live in the moment, make the most of them."



Norman's career on television has been nothing short of remarkable, beginning with the Colgate Comedy Hour alongside luminaries before moving on to classics like Sanford and Son, All in the Family, and The Jeffersons

Rita Moreno told The Post, "I wish there was a way that they could make copies of him. Wouldn’t that be marvelous? … What a super, super addition to the human race he is." 

He and his colleagues were praised for confronting hot-button themes in those episodes, such as racism and abortion, by utilizing comedy and the compassion of his characters to expose and explore what he called "the foolishness of the human condition."

In 1981, he created People for the American Way, a charity that attempted to combat the Moral Majority's goals and later evolved into a political action committee. Declare Yourself, a program to encourage young people to vote, was launched by him in 2004. He still believes that the best of the country's population will save it if it needs rescuing.  




Lear said, "America has never been in more need of its solid, caring citizens. At 100, we are a long way from the America I believe I was born into. I don’t want to wake up in the morning without hope so I have the faith that enough caring, sensible Americans are fully dedicated to the rights the Constitution guarantees us all and will find their way."





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