Amy Roloff's Youngest Son Jacob Reveals He Was Groomed & Molested By A Former Little People Big World Producer

Amy Roloff's Youngest Son Jacob Reveals He Was Groomed & Molested By A Former Little People Big World Producer

Jacob also stated that the show created a lot of differences between his mother and father.

TLC's Little People Big World is a reality show that captures the lives of Amy and Matt Roloff. However, other than Zachary, their children, Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob, are no longer a part of the reality series.  Over the years, fans have questioned the reluctance of the children to be a part of the reality show. Recently, their youngest son Jacob revealed one of the reasons that might have contributed to his aversion to being a part of the show. 


He stated that he was molested by an LPBW producer when he was just a child. "It is often much easier to think about things than it is to talk about them, and so this disclosure has been delayed, but through that delay, I have found the fortitude and words," wrote Jacob in a statement he released on Instagram. He added, "As a child, after what I realize now was a long grooming process, I was molested by an executive field producer for Little People Big World, Chris Cardamone. I do not expect to provide details of this encounter at any point publicly. I do hope he is never allowed around children again."

Jacob further added that he thought about disclosing the tragic event when he received a text from the producer in 2015. He continued, "By revealing this, I may be more fully understood and my perspective on issues such as child sexual abuse, child exploitation, and the collateral costs of reality television may be received more clearly. Although, I would have to add that this experience has not solely defined my point of view on any of these issues, nor has it defined my worldview in general."


The 23-year-old pointed out how sexual assault and abuse can happen to anyone within any social setting. He also stated that he did not speak earlier because  "a child must process, and I needed silence and time."

According to US Weekly, he added that he will continue, "own contemplation on the voyeurism involved in the entire enterprise of reality television — a massive spectacle of drama and pain and argument and invasion, with a little joy sprinkled over, that viewers watch completely disassociated from the complex humans inside the simplistic 'characters' they see on TV." He also affirmed that there was "no inherent causal connection between reality television production and childhood trauma."


Jacob's family members came forward to extend their support to him. “I love you forever and always Jacob. I'm proud of you. Now you don't have to feel alone and carry this around anymore," wrote Amy Roloff, according to People. “Love you Jacob George Roloff … very proud!” added his father. 



Previously, Jacob slammed the show for causing differences in his family. He also stated that the show was scripted to create dramatic moments that affected the health and happiness of his family. "This led to arguments and miscommunications with family, especially my parents, culminating in their decision to experiment having me see a therapist," he wrote, according to In Touch.

Though Jacob is not part of the show, he has a successful Youtube channel where he displays his love for travel and his social media accounts express his wisdom and knowledge on a variety of topics.